10 Halloween Movies For The Whole Family Like Hocus Pocus 2 You Need To See

Two years after her second outing as Wednesday’s “Addams Family Values,” Ricci returned to the world of the living dead with the 1995 family fantasy “Caspe’s Film Is One of the First Films to Truly Lean on the… computer-generated animation in the wake of Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” pioneer in 1993, this time using the latest technology to power its spooky tracks instead of a few bloodthirsty monsters.

Ricci plays Kat, a clumsy teenager who reluctantly follows her widowed father (Bill Pullman) across the country as he uses his job as a paranormal therapist to mask his goal of one day making contact with his late wife. When they get a call from a money-hungry duo determined to get their hands on treasure hidden inside Whipstaff’s haunted mansion, they move in to rid the house of its ghostly guests. It’s here that Kat befriends Casper (Malachi Pearson), a friendly ghost haunted by her evil uncles, Stretch (Joe Nipote), Stinkie (Joe Alaskey), and Fatso (Brad Garrett).

“Casper” is one of those early ’90s family comedies that isn’t afraid to mix kid-friendly humor with something for adults, making movie night enjoyable for everyone. Like a spiritual sibling to “Hocus Pocus,” its seasonal, small-town aesthetic gives it a Sunday afternoon viewing vibe, and it also culminates in a big costumed Halloween party. “Casper” gets extra points for including a Ghostbuster appearance from Dan Aykroyd, Dr. Ray Stanz, who tries – and fails – to stop Casper’s evil uncles.

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