13 foreign returnees who disappeared after giving the wrong address, phone number

Lucknow: Thirteen of the roughly 300 international travelers who landed in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh provided incorrect contact details to the administration, the district chief medical officer said, adding that efforts were underway to locate them.

Akhilesh Mohan, Meerut’s chief medical officer, said officials are now being dispatched to their home to identify them and do their tests. If even these homes are not found, information is passed to the local intelligence unit to help locate them.

“Thirteen of the 297 foreign returnees gave the administration wrong cell phone numbers and addresses. The details they provided us have been communicated to the LIU (Local Intelligence Unit) to find out where they are, ”said the CMO of Meerut, Dr Akhilesh Mohan, as quoted by the ANI news agency.

Dr Mohan added that seven of the 297 airmen had returned from South Africa, the country that first reported the Omicron variant which has forced many countries including India to revise travel rules. However, the doctor did not specify whether any of the missing travelers came from “at risk” countries.

There are several reports of foreign nationals who cannot be found after arriving in India.

In Karnataka, government officials are trying to locate 10 other people who have reportedly disappeared from the airport. The southern state is also trying to locate a 66-year-old South African national who was found to be infected with Omicron.

India reported its first two cases of the Omicron coronavirus variant on Thursday, but the government said it had no immediate plan to allow booster shots despite requests from lawmakers.

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