An unexpected reaction to Marcella Touro and Guido Cazca, who refused him a mobile phone

Due to his countless professional commitments, Guido Casca told him before going on the air that I couldn’t give him a cell phone to program American televisionreason why finally explain in a very special way.

“We are here with you today, you have fulfilled the great promise you made to Marcella”, The columnist says to the driver 8 million steps And the panelists added: ,He finished… Can I say what happened today?,

“I first radio with Santiago del Moro from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. With Guido Cazca, number one; Guido asked for a cell phone, Started by calculating Taurus, and continued: “Since this guy has so much work, so much stuff, plus a family with four kids, plus he’s in therapy four times a week, He tells me ‘Mars I can’t give you a cell phone’,

What did Marcella Touro do to give Guido a motive?

At the end, he revealed what happened: ,Today we were in the air and the tears started to flow. I put it in a position, poor Guido, that he will have to put it on my cellphone”, Amid laughter, Taurus detailed and analyzed.

“It’s like that, because at half past five you started with an opening and I had a recording and I said ‘Mars, no.’ , Detailed guide in an interview.

Thus, he described what this unusual moment was like: “I’m on ‘Friday let’s go on the radio’ and I watch it and I was crying, who also celebrated and shouted ‘Bum, bam. So we organized, so here we are’ Guido gone.

The blind participant who surprised Guido Cazca in The 8 million steps

joaquin villanueva participated in 8 million steps (L trace) And was surprised to talk about his ability to talk upside down.

“Yeah Yeah. You say a word or phrase to me, and I start with the first letter of the word before the last letter.Pointed the young man.

“But… are you doing it because you want to?” Or does all your mind think of you when you hear? He asked Guido the duck, surprised. And he replied: “No, I started at 8 years old because I was bored. I started to improvise with words.

Therefore, the driver wanted to test the participant and asked to mention them backwards in certain months of the year.

In this way, Joaquin demonstrated his ability to process words or phrases backwards. “Oh! But please do it!”, Express Guido.

The young man also told guide That he is studying psychology and he still has to take a course to graduate. To the surprise of the driver, the participant reveals that he dreams of working in a bank to help the elderly.

“I have a dream to work in a bank, for this I study to help the elderly”, Told.

And Joaquin said that next week he would start the computer programmer course.


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