Articles use old photo to criticize jets that traveled to climate conference | Ap

CLAIM: Photo shows “the 400 jets used by # COP26Glasgow attendees to travel to a conference on reducing emissions and fossil fuels”.

FACTS: The image of the parked jets was taken in New Orleans during the 2013 Super Bowl, not the United Nations climate summit in Scotland known as COP26. Some who criticize the fact that some attendees traveled to the climate conference in private jets have mistakenly used the old photo from 2013 to make their point.

“These are the 400 jets used by # COP26Glasgow attendees to travel to a conference on reducing emissions and fossil fuels,” Tory commentator Dinesh D’Souza wrote in a tweet that garnered some 9,000 retweets and 23,000 likes. “It is clear that there will be fierce competition here for the Hypocrisy Awards.”

Reverse image searches show that the photo used in the tweet has been online for several years. The image appeared in a 2013 article published by Aviation International News, which identified the image as showing hundreds of business jets at New Orleans Lakefront Airport for the Super Bowl that year. David Spielman, the New Orleans-based photographer credited with the image, confirmed in a phone interview that he took the photo for this outlet.

D’Souza then corrected himself on Facebook, where he also shared the complaint. “Correction: the photo posted below was the wrong photo,” he said. “The photo below was taken in 2013.”

D’Souza did not immediately respond to a request for comment. COP26 bills itself as a “carbon neutral conference” and asserts that “the inevitable carbon emissions of COP26” will be offset – for example by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Associated Press asked the conference communications team how many private jets carried attendees and whether they were being considered in the carbon offset plan, but did not receive a response until publication. Other efforts to verify the number of private jets in use have also failed.

– Associated Press writer Angelo Fichera in Philadelphia contributed to this report.

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