Before Your Eyes is coming to mobile devices via Netflix

Get ready for an intense staring contest with the mobile arrival of before your eyes. The critically acclaimed narrative game made its way to PC last year and captured many hearts. It uses a unique flashing interaction mechanic that essentially drives the story through your eyes and the main character. It is now available exclusively through the netflix mobile app; before your eyes comes from developer GoodbyeWorld Games, with publication by Skybound Games.

Watch your life flash before your eyes

If you haven’t played before your eyes, here’s the basic recap of the game. You’re essentially dead and your soul is transported to the afterlife via a ferryman. However, before you can move on to the next chapter of life, the ferryman needs to know everything about you. So the wild journey into past memories begins to play right in front of you. The game is known for its inventive use of blinking technology, where your eyes control how the story unfolds. The decisions you make are based on where you look, blink, and accept what once was. Check out the BAFTA Awards trailer for before your eyes at see exactly what we mean.

The arrival of before your eyes for mobile users goes hand in hand with a smooth gaming experience. PC gamers should use their webcams to play, but Netflix users won’t have this problem with their own phone cameras. This decision to expand to mobile is best expressed by Graham Parkes, the game’s creative director and lead writer:

“We designed Before Your Eyes as a game that can be played and enjoyed by really anyone and anywhere, not just experienced gamers, so for us there really is no better place to We use our phone cameras every day to share meaningful daily experiences, so it seems only natural to now use this technology to explore the life of the player character and drive their narrative journey.

Mobile gamers with a Netflix subscription can check out before your eyes at present. It’s an exclusive partnership, so you won’t see it on any of the app stores, at least for now. However, the game has a 50% discount thanks to its Steam page until August 5th. By the way, be sure to check out our review for before your eyes when it first launched on Steam! We certainly had a wonderful time playing through the emotional journey.

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