Behind Minister Ashish Mishra’s son arrest, alibi gaps, phone location: sources

Ashish Mishra was arrested by UP police after being questioned for 12 hours

New Delhi:

Ashish Mishra, the son of young Union Interior Minister Ajay Mishra who was arrested on Saturday, was unable to answer several questions about his fate during last week’s violence in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh police sources told NDTV.

According to sources, while Ashish Mishra said he was at a wrestling event about 4-5 km from the scene of the violence on Sunday, statements from police officers stationed at the event and those present reveal that the son Minister was reported missing. between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The location of Ashish Mishra’s mobile tower at the time also indicates its location in and around the crime scene, they said. Mr Mishra, however, told police he was in his rice mill at the time, which is closer to the crime scene under the same tower.

His alibi was even more strained due to the first information report or FIR recorded by Mishra’s collaborators against the farmers for allegedly killing three of their men, including his driver Hari Om.

Even though the FIR said Hari Om was driving the Mahindra Thar which crushed the farmers, the video analyzed by the police shows that a man wearing a white shirt or kurta is driving the Thar; Hari Om was found wearing a yellow kurta when his body was taken to hospital.

Based on these three points of contention and Mr. Mishra’s denial of the facts, he was arrested, the sources said. Police also said he was “evasive” in his responses and did not cooperate.

His arrest came five days after he was named in a murder case. The charges against him generally deserve immediate arrest and questions have been raised as to whether he received VIP treatment because of his father. He also skipped summons a day ago.

Ashish Mishra had been named in an FIR filed by farmers who said he drove into a rally of protesters shouting slogans amid a peaceful black-flag protest last Sunday. Eight people, including four farmers and four from the convoy, died in the incident and the violence it sparked.

Although the Union Minister’s son admits that the SUV that crushed the farmers belongs to him, but maintains that he was not there.

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