Best Viper Queues for Bind in VALORANT

In a popular FPS based on characters like VALORANTS, players must learn and master the unique abilities of different Agents to have options in every match. Learning new agents not only helps you understand the game better, but also allows you to intuitively predict your opponent’s game. Some of these Agents have abilities that can be lined up from different areas of the map to gain a tactical advantage over opponents.

While learning queues may seem simple, performing them in clutch situations can be awkward. We recommend practicing these alignments in custom games and matches.

Ranked Controller, Viper is one of the most versatile agents in VALORATING. You can use his abilities effectively to impact the game on the map. Viper’s Poison Cloud and Toxin Screen shrouds enemy line of sight, allowing your team to move to site or pivot to another.

Likewise, Viper’s Snake Bite ability is a deadly tool when used correctly, and players can learn effective alignments to surprise opponents.

Viper’s high pick rate on Bind makes it one of the strongest controllers to use on this map. So if you want to learn some Viper lineups, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best Viper lineups on Bind in VALORANTS.

Best Viper Queues on Bind

A website

The first range can be used in a post-planting situation where the Spike is planted near the truck area. Learn Bind callouts to easily understand the names of specific locations. To begin this lineup, stand in the small area of ​​Hall A shown in the yellow circle in the first image above. Head into the corner and aim for the edge of the terrace. Check the location of the reticle on the second image to see the exact location of this range. Throw the Snake Bite and it lands exactly in the area of ​​the truck, interrupting and damaging any opponents trying to defuse the Spike.

The second range is to secure a post planting situation when the Spike is planted at Triple or Tetris. This spot has three boxes of Radianite stacked together and is a common spot to plant the Spike.

Start by moving to the small box near Exit A. Stand in the corner and look at the plants on the ceiling above. Line up your crosshairs with the three small bushes marked by the yellow circle in the image above. Shoot the Snake Bite and it lands at the Tetris spot.

The third range for Site A comes into play when the Spike is planted in Tetris.

Stand in the corner marked with the yellow circle in the image above at A Short. Jump to get on the barrel. Move around the corner and aim above, aligning your ultimate ability’s HUD with the metal rod. You can check the second image above to see the exact place to align your crosshairs. This Snake Bite range lands in Tetris, and you’ll need to practice it a few times to get used to the setup.

Site B

The first Site B lineup requires players to position themselves at the corner near Teleporter B. Aim above and line up the white line on the left side of the Health HUD with the edge of the ceiling. In the images above, check the area inside the small yellow circle to see where to align the HUD. Fire the Snake Bite and it lands at the planting location in front of Site B’s container. This Viper range on Bind allows players to stay close to their team, however, you can be easily punished by enemies picking up from B Long and Garden.

The second lineup for site B comes from B Short and lands in the same position in front of the site B container. This lineup is much more reliable in critical situations, as you can grab opponents using the teleporter to rotate to site B.

Stand on the right corner of the B site squares, the point is marked with a yellow circle in the image above. Aim high with your reticle and place it just between the top of the boxes. Check the second image with the small yellow image to see the exact location.

Be sure to practice this a few times so you can easily hit the box with Snake Bite.

The third range for site B comes from B Fountain.

For this one, clamp the wall in the exact spot shown in the yellow circle in the image above. Line up your reticle a little above the ceiling in a straight line with the brick pattern. Check the yellow arrow and the circle to see the exact spot on the second image. Shoot Snake Bite and it lands at Site B Container.

This range is the most reliable for Site B because you can safely run it.

We recommend using these lineups in every game if you’re looking to master this Agent in VALORANTS. Understanding the concept of composition will allow players to come up with new composition ideas after some trial and error in custom games.

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