Bronson Body Action Slams Angelo Parker at AEW Event – ​​Watch

Action Bronson has achieved one of his dreams after making his wrestling debut on All Elite Wrestling with a bang.

On September 4, AEW’s FTW Championship match took place in Chicago between Hook and Angelo Parker. Action Bronson, who is a wrestling enthusiast, was present in the crowd. During the match, Hook, who came into the ring for Action Bronson’s “The Chairmen’s Intent,” was getting blown up by Parker and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard when the rapper decided to interfere. The Queens, NY native stormed the ring and grabbed Papa Magic before throwing him off the platform. He then grabbed Parker and the body slammed him to the mat.

With help from Action Bronson, Hook won the match, improving to a perfect 13-0 record. Action posted a video of his cameo on social media.

“I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH,” he captioned the clip. “THE COWARD ATTACKS ON MY BROTHER @730hook WILL NEVER GO ON MY WATCH. I’M ON THE BLOOD. @officialtaz13 @aew.”

Action Bronson has spent the past few years exercising, transforming her body and losing over 150 pounds. In April, Action spoke on the The Ariel Helwani Show about training with the upstart wrestler.

“I was training with Hook and Taz, they were showing me moves in the ring and I had to do a simple snapmare where I had to turn around,” he said. “I got up and I was dizzy. I’m not going to do technical maneuvers in the ring. I’m not Dean Malenko here. I have 1,000 moves, but they’re on the floor, they’re more ambushes and slams. I have 1,000 slams.

Action Bronson isn’t the only rapper to make an appearance on AEW recently. In July, Kevin Gates punched out Tony Neese at the AEW Dynamite event.

Watch the video of Action Bronson making his AEW wrestling debut below.

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