Businesses Get Energy Efficiency Reviews from Efficiency Vermont – Waterbury Roundabout

A call to local businesses on the City of Waterbury Energy Plan Committee resulted in 14 businesses in Waterbury getting free energy efficiency reviews from Efficiency Vermont.

The 60- to 90-minute visits from an energy efficiency expert aimed to provide recommendations for each business to save energy and money.

Efficiency Vermont’s director of customer engagement, Paul Grenier, made the visits to examine each company’s energy consumption. Grenier inspected the systems that consume energy – lighting, heating and cooling systems and special equipment. He also inspected building insulation and airtightness to suggest improvements based on expected savings, profitability, health and safety.

Grenier provided each company with a priority list of recommendations on what to do to save energy, information on financial incentives and personalized discounts to minimize project costs, and an action plan to start. save energy.

One of the businesses that Grenier inspected was Sunflower Natural Foods on Rt. 100 in the center of Waterbury. Owner John Di Carlo later said the exercise was very helpful as

Grenier’s suggestions identified specific changes for the market that will make an immediate difference.

“He had access to a program that will offer a discount on replacing our fluorescent ceiling lighting with LED fixtures, which will pay for itself very quickly within three months and will allow significant savings on the invoice of long-term electricity, ”said Di Carlo. “Paul provided me with a clear presentation of the savings and also contacted an electricity supplier who provided me with a quick quote so that I could make an informed decision. Paul also let me know about potential programs for future equipment purchases that are Energy Star rated.

Di Carlo said he would recommend the inspection to other business owners to find similar ways to reduce energy use and bills.

Mark Frier, co-owner of Reservoir Restaurant & Taproom in Waterbury, said the tour with Grenier highlighted information on heat pumps, hoods and commercial kitchen equipment. Frier said it would be helpful to stay in touch with Efficiency Vermont to learn more about Energy Star equipment and discounts when the company considers making future purchases.

Grenier said reviewing energy efficiency improvements should be part of a business plan. “I think we’ve all learned the importance of investing in resilience over the past year, and energy efficiency can be an important part of that strategy,” he said.

“Businesses can reduce their operating costs and improve the comfort and productivity of their indoor spaces through a variety of measures promoted by Efficiency Vermont. ”

He offered examples such as commercial kitchen equipment, refrigeration options, heat pumps, and efficient lighting. Contacting Efficiency Vermont is a good way to start this review, he said.

Efficiency Vermont is Vermont’s energy efficiency utility that works with commercial and residential customers.

As part of the offer to Waterbury businesses to register for the guided tours, Waterbury LEAP funded a raffle for participating businesses. Each of the following won a $ 50 gift certificate from The Reservoir Restaurant: Kate Montiero from Ursa Major, John Cummings from Park Row Cafe and John Di Carlo from Sunflower Natural Foods.

It is not too late to request a guided tour of a business. To schedule an energy efficiency review, email Duncan McDougall at

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