Chris Dawson made claim about Lynette Dawson in tapped phone call, court heard

JC previously testified that in early 1982, the wardrobe “burst” and she was allowed to keep whatever she wanted.

“[JC] was about four different sizes of Lyn,” Dawson said on the call. “To get her to wear her clothes…damn good effort.”

He said people who come forward and claim he has a “dark side” “all use the same words,” such as “narcissistic,” as journalist Hedley Thomas used in his podcast about Dawson, Lynette and JC, called The teacher’s pet.

In a bugged call in October 2018, Dawson said Thomas had “made a f—fortune out of it” and that people were “buying a bloody story” with fantasies that made it a “more interesting and interesting story.” fascinating than the truth”.

“If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe the media could lie so easily,” Dawson said.


Thomas previously testified that he didn’t receive any money when someone listened to the podcast.

The court also viewed videos from the ABC checkerboarda 1975 show about twins featuring Chris and Paul Dawson, who both played rugby league for the Newtown Jets, and included a vision of Lynette talking about her husband.

Dawson’s attorney, Pauline David, said it relates to Dawson’s character and speaks directly to the suggestion of a “bizarre relationship” between the two men.

Crown Attorney Craig Everson, SC, said one of the themes of their case was not a “bizarre relationship between the defendant and his twin.” He said the defense had made this evident when cross-examining witnesses and that the relevance of the evidence seemed to be to “knock down that straw person”.


David also pointed out to the judge a comment by Thomas, published in The Australian Wednesday, and “whether or not it constitutes contempt”.

She felt it was “disparaging” in that it was “almost a criticism, a comment … in the context of a trial” and the defense felt it “raises issues criticism of the process”.

Thomas testified Monday and Tuesday. His article claimed that David’s “vigorous questioning” was an example of cross-examination trying to “put journalism on trial” in the case.

Judge Ian Harrison said the piece was “quite unusual”.

“I would not propose to be distracted by questions of whether or not a witness … may have committed a contempt that merits or requires consideration, rather to focus on these proceedings without distraction,” he said. he declares.

“If it needs attention later, either by me or someone else, it can happen.”

The Crown’s case was closed shortly before midday on Thursday. The defense chose not to present any evidence, including from Dawson, and was not obligated to do so.

The parties spent the afternoon in legal argument regarding the trend evidence. The Crown alleges that Dawson held animosity towards Lynette, considered hiring a third party to kill her, and wanted JC to be his wife and the mother of his children.

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