Construction begins on Avon branch library expansion: Short Takes on Avon, Avon Lake and North Ridgeville

Avon, Ohio

It’s starting to look like a construction site at the Avon Branch Library, 37485 Harvest Drive, as fences have recently been placed all around the facility for the new addition. The landscape was cleaned up last month to make way for the new addition. A new utility pole was installed along Colorado Avenue and temporary walls began to be erected inside. Crews were busy making adjustments to the electrical and mechanical systems to keep the branch in working order during construction.

It’s starting to look like a construction site at the Avon Branch Library, 37485 Harvest Drive, as fences have recently been placed all around the facility for the new addition.

This month will bring many changes, including the removal of the foundation for a building that was once located on the property. The installation of an entrance along Colorado Avenue for construction vehicles was added, as well as the installation of the new transformer vault. There will also be the delivery of underground storm works.

Outside the building, teams will prepare to install a new storm water system under the parking lot and prepare areas next to the existing building for new foundations. Inside, teams will be removing finishes from the “construction area” to make room for new walls to come.

The overall project will include renovations and 16,000 square feet of land. addition to accommodate a reading garden, an access window, enlarged meeting rooms, technology upgrades and a space dedicated to programming for children and youth. Construction is expected to take 12 months.


Sunflower field: The prayers of Maria Sunflower Field are finally in bloom (corner of Jaycox and Chester roads). Almost 460,000 seeds have been planted with a mixture of small and large sunflowers. Officials at the Maria Children’s Glioma Cancer Prayer Foundation recently posted on social media that after years of searching for the ultimate property Maria’s Field of Hope can call home, they are delighted to announce that they finally have acquired a property. A location was not included in the ad. More details coming soon.

Republican club meeting: The Avon-Avon Lake Republican Club will host three speakers at 5 p.m. CST on October 14 at the Avon Isle Park Pavilion, 37080 Detroit Road. According to information sent by the club, Mike Gibbons, candidate for US senator and Jonah Schulz, candidate for the House of Representatives, 16th arrondissement have conservative Republican values ​​and believe in constitutional rights, the rule of law, the sanctity of human life, free speech, integrity in elections, a small government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, secure borders and the American dream. An Action Defense speaker will describe tips and techniques that will help you avoid becoming a victim of crime and identify other protection options. There is a cost of $ 5 for guests.

The royalty of reunions: Kudos to Avon High School Seniors Colin Kaufmann and Rylee Yonkers, recently crowned King and Queen of Reunion.

Candidate for the Board: Ward 4 Councilor Scott Radcliffe is running for re-election. According to information sent during his campaign, Radcliffe has worked with residents on issues such as: personal property issues, road repairs, improvement / installation of sidewalks, flooding issues and made part of the positive decision making for the city which has seen the expansion of community parks and recreational options for all residents. Currently, City Council continues to push for responsible residential / commercial growth, keeping our police, fire and EMS services strong and maintaining the excellent services and standards that residents value.

“Avon continues to successfully manage rapid growth through continued planning for road expansion and repairs as additional traffic arrives in our city,” Radcliffe said in his campaign materials. “The construction of a commercial corridor on Chester Road, while keeping residential projects concentrated south of I-90, has positively contributed to the tax base. Avon’s strategic purchase of land for park and recreation expansion is a priority for the current board, along with infrastructure to connect people to schools and parks.

Radcliffe graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. For more information, contact


Survey questionnaire: In an effort to gather opinions and elicit feedback, a simple program has been developed that will take minimal time for residents and provide invaluable information for making informed decisions for the community.

The Quick Question program is a one to three question survey for residents. It will be available online by email and offline at the Avon Lake Public Library. Simply answer the question (s) and submit your answer. To register, go to

Candidate for the school board: Jenefer Machovina is running for a seat on the Avon Lake City School Board. According to information from her campaign, she is running to “protect the health and mental well-being of students, teachers and staff: as well as for inclusion to ensure that all students have the accommodations they need. to flourish at school “.

She also mentions the financial strength with the upcoming redevelopment of the power plant and the ongoing repairs needed to maintain the district’s aging school buildings. She would also like to protect teachers and school staff to ensure they have what they need to be successful with a focus on the child and the teacher advocate.

Machovina is actively involved with the Avon Lake Public Library, Community Resource Services (CRS), and several PTA and recall organizations in the district.

The royalty of reunions: Congratulations to Avon Lake High School seniors Jake DePaul and Abi Walsh, recently crowned King and Queen of Reunion.

Ozone garden: A groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 12:45 p.m. on October 14 at the Avon Lake Public Library’s Children’s Department for a new ozone garden. The garden is the only one in Ohio. The garden is a member of the International Ozone Garden Network.

According to information provided by the Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club, a Smithsonian / Harvard grant was awarded to install and monitor ground ozone in an “ozone garden” at the library. Students in environmental classes at Avon Lake High School are monitoring the effects to help the National Center for Atmospheric Research monitor air quality. NASA will help interpret data regarding air quality and its effects on plants.


Candidates’ evening: The North Ridgeville Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Meet the Candidates night at 6 p.m. on October 11 at the North Ridgeville Academic Center, 34620 Bainbridge Road. The event will feature the nominees running for the North Ridgeville School Board.

Stache Dash: The 8th Annual Cleveland Stache Dash 5K / 1 Mile Fun Run-Walk will take place at 8:45 am on November 6 in South Central Park. Register by October 18 to guarantee you receive a hoodie and beanie. Refreshments after the race will be provided. Proceeds from the race benefit the North Ridgeville Department of Parks and Recreation. To register, go to

Composting project: Two students from Lorain County Joint Vocational School (JVS) in North Ridgeville recently formed a composting program at the school. Chesnie Pierson, senior in landscape and greenhouse management; and Aliana Luna, Senior Culinary Arts, were discussing articles from their career tech labs when an idea occurred to them.

“Aliana and I were talking, and she was telling me that when the juniors in the culinary program start they learn knife skills, using a lot of potatoes, and then that becomes waste,” Pierson said in a press release. . “It got me thinking about my program that could use this compost in our flower beds.”

The girls took their idea to their instructors, who both agreed, and the project was underway.

“Leftover food and eggshells are collected in compost bins in our kitchens,” Luna said. “The landscape and greenhouse management students come once or twice a week and collect the bins to use with their compost, so that nothing is wasted. “

The project seems well advanced so far.

“The students really took the initiative to check the bins and track the compost,” said Jordan Krystowski, Culinary Arts Instructor, “They are excited to be doing something positive with our waste.”

According to Pierson, the compost is mixed in the Lorain County JVS flower beds and gardens on campus.

“We’re also doing a separate experiment,” Pierson said. “Some beds have soil with mixed compost which contains garden waste, as well as culinary waste, while other beds have soil with mixed compost which contains only food scraps. We want to see how the soil reacts and what changes might take place. “

Gardening club meeting: The North Ridgeville Garden Club will meet at 6 p.m. on October 12 at the Sandy Ridge Reservation, 6195 Otten Road. Guest speaker will be Matt Misencik from Cahoon Nursery and his program will focus on cleaning perennials and gardens. Guests and new members are welcome. For more information, call 440-365-8522 or visit

Food drive results: Thanks to the generosity of the community, the Lions Club fundraiser for North Ridgeville Community Care raised 6,964.35 pounds of food, toiletries and essentials. It was the biggest food drive ever for the club. Many thanks to all schools, churches, businesses and individuals for all donations. The winning school for the second time was Liberty Elementary with 2,045.45 pounds of food donated. Thank you also to the 23 Lions, the two Leos and the two Lions spouses who helped with the collection from schools and churches, weighing, sorting and cleaning.

University graduate: Lily Kuentz (Westlake) is a recent graduate from Colgate University. Kuentz, a graduate of Lake Ridge Academy, majored in environmental geology at Colgate.

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