Divers find body and car in search of missing Kiely Rodni

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Divers searching for missing California teenager Kiely Rodni said they discovered a body and a car in the tank near where she was last seen more than two weeks ago .

A dive team found what they believe to be the 2013 Honda CRV that 16-year-old Rodni drove to a graduation party near the lake next to Prosser Creek Reservoir on Sunday afternoon.

Police could not immediately identify the body. A spokeswoman for Rodni’s family said they had not confirmed the body was that of the teenager.

Rodni disappeared after attending a party in Truckee, California earlier this month.
Placer County Sheriff’s Office via AP

The Placer County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol and Truckee Police are on scene with a flatbed tow truck and two police divers fitted.

Rodni was last seen at the park in Truckee, California on August 6. Other partygoers had reported that she had been drinking at the party.

The Adventures With Purpose dive team was recruited by law enforcement for the probe and began searching the reservoir on Sunday.

The Oregon-based crew of six divers set out again in hopes of finding a sign of Rodni, after at least three police dive teams had already searched the reservoir.

Divers searched nearly every body of water near Truckee, Calif., before probing the water closest to where the party was held one last time.

The team had been assured by law enforcement on the ground that the body of water had already been thoroughly searched, but decided to check again.

“Police told us they had done a thorough search of this body of water,” said diver Josh Cantu, 31. “They gave us a grid map and convinced us that we didn’t need to search here.”

Minutes after the dive, one of the team, Nick Rinn, 48, found a body in a car near shore.

“Our sonar showed an object larger than a rock that shouldn’t have been there,” Cantu said, adding that sonar technology can miss large objects if operators aren’t properly trained. “One of our divers went underwater and was able to identify a vehicle.”

The car and body were found about 20 to 40 feet from the water’s edge near a section of the Prosser Family Campground where the party was held. The area is known to locals as “The Sanctuary” and overlooks the Prosser Creek Reservoir.

Police were unable to immediately identify whether it was Rodni's body that divers had found.
Police were unable to immediately identify whether it was Rodni’s body that divers had found.

Earlier in the day, another member of the dive team told the Post that locating a vehicle would make it easier to find Rodni.

“If there’s a car here, it’ll be easy for us to find it,” said diver Doug Bishop, 39. “Hiding a body is one thing, hiding a vehicle is another. »

He said his team on Saturday “already cleaned up everything in Truckee, including all the small ponds, based on confidential information we received regarding his disappearance.”

The six divers in the AWP crew first spent four hours imaging the surface of the reservoir in two sonar-equipped inflatable boats to get a better idea of ​​what they were up against.

The team also inspected the reservoir from a hot air balloon.

Over the past two and a half years, AWP said it has resolved 23 cold cases and found about 500 vehicles underwater, of which 187 have been recovered.

“It’s already a completely different scale of resources applied to the case,” Bishop said.

The discovery of the car and body comes more than two weeks after Rodni was reported missing and after authorities announced they would scale back the mass search for the teenager.

Rodni was last seen at the party – in the company of around 100 people – around 12.30pm and had texted her mother that she was coming home soon, but she never returned.

On Saturday, the teenager’s family asked for confidentiality and said they were not speaking with the media.

“It is in our hearts that you are there and we will find you and bring you home,” the family said in a statement about Kiely on Saturday.

Investigators feared Rodni had been abducted and conducted a sweep of registered sex offenders in the Lake Tahoe area as part of the missing person case.

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