Everyone copied TikTok, so TikTok copied – New features

Photo credit: Solen Feyissa

TikTok’s short form video was copied mercilessly – now TikTok is copying new features.

App engineers discovered a number of new features that TikTok is working on for creators. They include Bitmoji-style avatars, keyword filtering in the “For You” page, group chats, audio-only live streams (like Clubhouse), screen sharing, and new subscription features that resemble emotes and chats reserved for Twitch subscribers.

Matt Navarre Point what’s new and detailed the list on Twitter this week. The TikTok Avatars feature lets you use your phone’s camera to take a selfie with a facial expression that will match your avatar. Users can also customize the appearance of their avatar. The keyword filtering feature appears to allow users to block hashtags or certain keywords from appearing in their feed.

The Audio-Only Live feature on TikTok seems to resemble Twitter Spaces or Clubhouse.

It is a chat room where a speaker can moderate and give the “mic” to the audience while the audience can raise their hand to participate. If the “Subscriber Only” feature is added to TikTok, subscriber-only live audio streams could also be something the social media company adds to its product.

It should be noted that these ideas are found by software engineers who reverse engineer the code to find references to future features. This is something that Digital Music News has talked about a lot with the Spotify app and future changes that will eventually find their way into the app. Although these features have been referenced in many versions of TikTok, there is no guarantee that any of them will be available to the general public.

Audio-only live streams should appeal to musicians looking to build an online following. Clubhouse has been a great(?) place to gather and talk about music, while Twitter Spaces gives creators more tools for their digital busking.

Twitch also offers a haven for musicians, though that platform isn’t without its issues either. TikTok looked to Instagram and YouTube copied its short form video to keep an eye out. Now, he is doing the same to extend the functionality of his product to his already captive audience.

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