Exposed in the past: Phone number recycling in Indonesia can lead to data leaks

Yohana Belinda (The Jakarta Post)


Malang ●
Wed, December 1, 2021

Recycling phone numbers is a common practice in Indonesia, but has resulted in unintentional leaks and misuse of the private data of previous users.

Have you ever received a message or phone call from a stranger wanting to get in touch with someone with the exact same number as yours? While this might seem like a simple misunderstanding, it actually shows how fragile all the data associated with a particular phone number is. With the advent of smartphones, as well as websites and apps requiring data to connect, this is becoming an issue of growing concern.

The Ministerial Regulation on Communications and Information No. 14/2018 states that a phone number can be reactivated as a new number 60 days after the expiration date – a short deadline to delete all or part of the attached data to a certain phone number.

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