Get LIC policy info on your phone, know how to link your number

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), the government-owned insurance and investment company, has introduced a new feature in its online feature that helps premium holders see all of their policy information on their mobile phones.

In order to obtain this facility, policyholders will have to link their contact details with LIC.

Know how to link the mobile number to the LIC policy

Most people invest in various industries to save money for their future. Many of them deposit money into different LIC policies. The company has introduced a new feature in its online feature for the betterment of its customers. LIC premium policyholders can now see all information if they link their contact details to LIC.

Once the binding is complete, all users linked to their policy will reach their phones via notifications. Learn more to find out how to link your contact details with LIC. It is an easy process and can be done sitting at home only via a cell phone and registered cell number.

How to register on the LIC site

First, go to the official LIC website,, and click on the Customer Service option that will appear at the top of the homepage. Clicking on “Update your details online”, which will take you to a new page. After that opens, fill in all the requested information necessary.

After filling in the information, right click on the declaration box to submit the request. Then enter the policy number and click Validate Policy Details to verify the number provided. This ensures that your mobile number is linked to LIC. The app will keep registered cardholders informed of their policy from time to time.

Know how to get information by SMS

For policy information via text message, send a message to 56767877 from your updated mobile number. To find out the premium payout, type ASKLIC (followed by the policy number) and send it to 56767877. And to find out the bonus amount, send the policy number and “ASKLIC bonus” and send it to 56767877 .

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