Help find the MH370 with tips from Tomnod 2021 satellite image

This blog is about finding MH370 help via Tomnod satellite imagery. We will do our best to help you understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog Help me find the MH370 from Tomnod satellite images.. If your answer is yes, read this and share it.

Consult the help to find the MH370 from Tomnod satellite images

Malaysia Airlines flight Mh370, carrying 239 passengers and crew en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared early Saturday morning, hours after departure. Five days later, despite a major search and rescue mission by air and sea from 12 countries (to date) The location of the plane is still unknown..

Faced with such a drama Easy to feel discouraged and helpless.. Besides praying, there is one more thing we can do. It’s to help with search and rescue with Tom Nod.

DigitalGlobe’s joint research platform, Tom Hoche, Anyone with an Internet connection can help you search for Mh370. Using detailed satellite images of the area where the plane appears to have gone missing, the site asked users to search for the satellite images. Souvenir tag This discovery.

So far, over 600,000 people have participated in this exercise, and you can participate as well.

Update: Tomnod has terminated the service.

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Search for Mh370 on Tomnod

To get started, go to Tomnod website..Click on the introductory text and press Let’s start tagging! Start the search on the Tomnod screen. You can also scroll down to find a little more information on what you might find useful in the markup.

The main Tomnod screen is displayed. Most of the real estate on screen is dedicated Satellite image itself..You can see everything in the right sidebar Section of the map you have covered, One mosaic at a time.

In addition, three counters show the number of map tiles searched, the number of items marked and the number of people who agree with the tag.

There are four icons on the left side of the screen: 4 types of labels:

  • Other
  • Life raft
  • Oil leak
  • Destruction

If you find anything, just Select the appropriate icon Yes Click on the map Drop the label. DigitalGlobe uses computer algorithms to create specific areas Label more than others..Expert in satellite imagery Take a look at these highly marked areas Carry on from there.

There is also notification At the top right of the screen[ヘルプ]Next to the icon[通知]A sidebar accessible at the push of a button. Where is it All notifications are displayed.. The icon also indicates the number of unread notifications, if any.

You can also Register a Tomnod account If you want to track all your contributions. Just press Log in At the top right of the screen[通知]Next to the button, sign in with your email address.

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Digital globe Keep updating Tomnod with new images and data To reflect new information and changes in the search box.

If you cannot access the site at any time, the Tomnod server is, so please try again later. Suffering from incoming traffic I want to help the cause.

In addition, there may occasionally be No satellite image available, Even if the site itself is online: it is The DigitalGlobe team uploads a new image.. Again, all you can do is check again after about an hour.

* Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones affected by this incident.

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Last word: help me find the MH370 from Tomnod satellite imagery

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