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The General Manager of Henty Machinery Field Days welcomed the installation of a cell phone tower, which will improve security and communications at the event and for the wider community. Federal Farrer member Sussan Ley was at the Field Days site yesterday morning to announce the new macro cellphone tower, which will provide full 4G/5G coverage at the HMFD site and within a radius of approximately 15km. HMFD chief executive Belinda Anderson said poor phone reception was a problem that plagued field days every year. “We are only boosted in mobile service for one week a year and it will be fantastic to have permanent coverage on site,” she said. “It will help us grow as an event space and attract other events here with the mobile coverage we now have.” Ms Anderson said the phone tower would also help surrounding businesses, education and security. IN OTHER NEWS: ‘We know of a local farmer whose entrepreneur left because he had no service to run his business,’ she said. “We know that there has also been a problem with homeschooling, with internet service and mobile phone service in the country, so it will be a huge benefit for the neighboring community. emergency, we are on quite a busy road here and then comes the time for field days, if we don’t have that service there are a lot of other things (that could go wrong).” the tower was a commitment from a previous cycle of the government’s regional connectivity programme. Ms Ley said she was excited about the tower. “It’s going to be fantastic for Henty and the wider farming community,” she said. ‘We have already paid the money for this tower, but I also know that in my constituency in Farrer people are asking for better telephone services.’ But Ms Ley has not announced any further commitments to the mobile phone tower.’ I have been reassured that our 800 milli dollar new mobile phone scheme will absolutely meet the need and we will start immediately after the election, if we are successful.” Grand Hume Councilor Ian Forrest, who is also a retained firefighter with NSW Fire and Rescue, said in a fire, a few minutes could make all the difference when it came to calling the emergency services.”I know all too well the inconvenience of blackheads in an emergency, c So that’s a great step forward,” he said. Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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