HOCR Rumor Mill 202One – Better Late Than Never Edition – Charles Regatta Coverage Manager

Some are true, some are not, some are both – without further ado, it’s the HOCR 2021 rumor mill.

This item was ready for Friday

HOCR Live … actually

The disabilities will not be related to age but to the length of time you have not participated in a lead race

Everything is fine

Participants are asked to refrain from kissing anyone halfway through the race

HOCR directors plan to apply club eligibility rules to Masters 1x

Men’s Master / Senior Master 1x arc 3 receives a reverse handicap, forced to reduce its age category.

Mark Zuckerberg trains for Masters HOCR 2022 1x

Only a doctor’s note is required for injury reporting … not a photo

Piloting …

Gevvie plans to cut a buoy to spend time with her new master friends

Patricia leaves, Brian comes back, Chase is here

Reunion Village moved to Cambridge to be closer to Hong Kong


We have a good time

UW men stayed on the east coast from the Housatonic

The 2022 regatta will be fully broadcast

Where’s Dan? Oops, I mean Dave

The bottom 30% of each event is banned from HOCR for life

What is the mask policy at Neds

Next year’s new revenue stream for the Charles will charge guaranteed practice slots on Friday afternoon

Bridge banners must not be displayed before 11 p.m. the day before the start of the races

HOCR signaling committee hanging the “BELIEVE” sign above the weigh tent

3-place at Tokyo 2020 female 4- trained for 5 years to save the tree from the river:

De facto matter is …

* 11:30 p.m. * Who’s on the phone on this bridge?

Piggyback races at the FALS bar

Everyone entered in the Women’s Alumnae 8+ has the correct bow number

Killer pigeons living under the Eliot Bridge

What happened this year?

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