How to track someone’s location with a phone number?

Technical Adviser

Under US law, following someone is a criminal offense that can result in jail time. Please use it as a disclaimer for the content you are going to read in the article below.

There can be different scenarios where you might want to find someone using their phone number. One of these cases can be parents who are worried about their children being out there, not knowing where but somewhere out there. As parents, you need to know if your children are safe and where are they, in fact. This is one of those scenarios, where locating your kids can be a useful thing to do, in case they get stuck somewhere or need your help.

Luckily, you no longer need to contact the mobile network provider to track someone’s location. These days we have spyware apps available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store that can do the job quite easily and can even provide you with more information like history of where they had been more early or how fast the car was driving and if there were any sudden interruptions during their journey. Everything is recorded by the application and the connected family members can have this information to find their children.

These technologies have become so advanced that it is possible to pin the exact location of where the cell phone is.

You can track someone’s phone using their phone number, but remember that consent plays an important role in this. Parties must consent to always share their location with you and accept it on the app. Only then can they find you!

For those of you who don’t know, even Google Maps has this ability to track a phone number because apparently most smartphone users have Google Maps installed on their device, so it’s easier to track. However, again, the party must give you this permission.

According to US law, it is illegal to track someone’s phone without them knowing. The consequences can be heavy fines, prison sentences and a bad record for the future. We can only offer this tool to parents who wish to find their children in an emergency, in all goodwill.

iPhone users have the Find Me app which pretty much does the same job. So, if you are an iPhone user, you might want to dig a little deeper or ask your kids to help you enable this option.



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