Ian Poulter reacted to a ‘mixture of boos’ and criticism

Ian Poulter is also part of the LIV Golf competition and many have wondered what his appearance on the DP World Tour would look like. The reception wasn’t as good, given the boos from the crowd, but Poulter is trying to calm things down and doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the critics.

However, a video of him and Horschel during training sparked a lot of reactions. It looked like they were arguing. “It went very well,said Poulter for skysports. “I’m not really going to say much about it.

My phone number has not changed at all. I spoke with some of the boys. It doesn’t seem to be a problem since I spoke to them.” Poulter might have expected some backlash, so he wasn’t surprised.

His main goal is to ignore him and focus on his game. “We can always play this game of he said, she said, and little comments. It’s just easier if I don’t say anything. It’s easier for everyone to be honest. There’s had a lot of little comments in the last few weeks and I’m not going to comment on them.”


DP World Tour general manager Keith Pelley asked players not to wear LIV Golf clothes, but Poulter wore Majesticks clothes “I’ve had a lot of different brand shirts over the past few weeks,” Poulter said. “It’s a business that I actually own a part of, so it has a right to be there.

I’ve just had about six different sets of clothes in the last five weeks, of which I can’t go to the embroiderers and have another set made for this week. I’m here for three weeks, I’m traveling, so this is the set I brought.”

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