Incredible Black Friday deal drops iPhone 11 Pro from 256GB to $ 36 (no trade-in needed)

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Incredible Black Friday deal drops iPhone 11 Pro from 256GB to $ 36 (no trade-in needed)

Released over two years ago, the iPhone 11 Pro is probably far from the top of many vacation shopping lists right now. This is mainly because the Apple A13 Bionic oldie is no longer available in a lot of places, at least not in new condition.

At the right price, of course, this bad boy is still much more desirable than the second generation iPhone SE, for example, not to mention all the Android mid-ranger you can think of.

Available at the time for $ 999 and up, the 5.8-inch handset which is somewhat larger than the entire 4.7-inch iPhone SE (2020) is somewhat on sale now. from $ 36. Yes, it’s thirty-six US dollars (!) For your choice of 64 or 256 GB storage variant (!!) with (almost) no strings attached (!!!).

In case you were wondering how all of this is possible, the short answer is thanks to AT & T’s generosity for Turkey Day. Technically, this is obviously a Black Friday 2021 deal that you’re looking at here, but unsurprisingly stocks are limited, so we wouldn’t be really shocked if the carrier ran out of stock before the big day.

As you might expect, you have to sign up for a long installment contract and be okay with the monthly bill credits to take advantage of this absolutely amazing promotion, but on the bright side, there is no exchange of devices or number porting involved and new and existing customers appear to be eligible for a total discount of up to $ 1,014.

If we understand AT&T’s terms and conditions correctly, the new lines of service are not even mandatory, although you will need to “activate or maintain” unlimited postpaid wireless service on your account.

Invoice credits will be applied to said account over a 36 month period for an amount of $ 864 for an iPhone 11 Pro unit with 64 GB of internal storage space or the aforementioned $ 1,014 if you choose to go the 256 route. Go, which you should totally do.

Both models will offer exceptional value for your (pocket) money, with a triple rear camera system, a stunning Super Retina XDR OLED display, cutting-edge facial ID recognition technology and excellent battery life.

No, you won’t get 5G speeds in exchange for your $ 1 per month (after credits), but, well, we’re talking about an otherwise impressive end-to-end device that will set you back … $ 1 per month. month. If there’s ever been an obvious Black Friday deal to jump on ASAP, this absolute (and almost literal) theft fits that description perfectly.

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