Insurance4dallas announces health insurance in Arlington expands with Medicaid

Insurance4Dallas, an Arlington health insurance agency, said President Biden’s decision to design a series of extensions will undoubtedly boost Medicaid enrollment in the coming months.

Arlington, Texas, USA, July 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Health insurance in Arlington will certainly see increased protections for millions of low-income Americans as the current administration continues its deliberate and swift efforts to expand Medicaid through a series of policy changes and safety nets to protect more Americans than ever before. These changes, as many have said, are a slap in the face of the old administration’s attempts to reduce safety nets, comments Insurance4Dallas representative Rick Thornton.

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According to a report from Fierce Healthcare, the COVID-19 relief bill pushed Medicaid registrations to a record 80.5 million in January – a trick of 70 million before COVID. With more people looking for opportunities to register, these safety nets will allow new mothers, inmates and undocumented immigrants to be on the list of those who could benefit from coverage, according to the report. At the same time, the current administration is implementing new Medicaid-funded services, such as food and shelter, which were not offered in the past. Many think this is great news, especially for those with health insurance policies in Arlington.

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent, said it was a very bold move to reverse the limited options available under the previous administration, and that these are some of the changes the most important we have ever seen in federal health policy. Medicaid was created to provide medical care to low-income Americans, but it has always had tough limits throughout the law. Thornton added that while there are always risks with any business of this size and scope, we should all see it as a huge win given that the increased reach of the program will positively affect millions of people. Americans who are uninsured or underinsured. The benefits, including extending home Medicaid, will prevent enrollees from moving forward in nursing homes, are far too good to be overlooked.

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