IPhone Maker Foxconn Teases 3 New Electric Vehicles

  • Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone maker, unveiled three electric vehicles on Monday.
  • He teased the new EVs in a video, but we’ll learn more at Monday’s event.
  • Foxconn is planning a bus, a sedan and an SUV.

We’ve known for some time that Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant that builds Apple’s iPhone, wants to get into the electric car game. Next Monday, we will know a little more about exactly what the company has in store for us.

Foxconn posted a video last week teasing three new electric vehicles that it plans to unveil on October 18 during its Hon Hai Tech Day. The EV space heats up as startups, established carmakers and tech companies – like Foxconn – place big bets on a future without gasoline-powered vehicles.

The clip shows a black sedan with smooth, full-width light bars at the front and rear. If you take a closer look, there is a Pininfarina badge on the front fender, indicating that the legendary Italian design house that designed many Ferraris and Maseratis had something to do with the car.

This vehicle is barely visible in the clip, but Foxconn offered a full rundown of the other two vehicles it is planning: an SUV and a bus. Foxconn builds electric vehicles under the Foxtron brand.

Watch the video for yourself:

The electronics maker doesn’t just plan its own electric vehicles. He has struck deals left and right in the auto industry as it becomes increasingly clear that the future of the industry is electric.

In September, Foxconn announced it would buy the Ohio plant from electric truck start-up Lordstown Motors for $ 230 million. Foxconn will resume production of Lordstown’s first vehicle under the deal. The company is also working with Fisker, another electric vehicle startup, to manufacture its vehicles from 2023.

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