IShowSpeed ​​blatantly leaks KSI’s phone number on Instagram

. 13 hours ago

YouTuber KSI will most likely have to get a new mobile number after streamer IShowSpeed ​​blatantly leaked his number on Instagram.

On July 2, a confused KSI took to Twitter for help after absolute chaos erupted on his phone.

After he desperately tweeted “OMG WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH MY PHONE”, it didn’t take long for the influencer’s fans to tell him what had happened.

IShowSpeed ​​leaks KSI number

After posing the question to Twitter, users were quick to provide an answer.

It appears that during a Twitch stream, IShowSpeed ​​had visited KSI’s Instagram page, and his phone had brought up the influencer’s actual phone number.

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As Speed ​​regularly draws thousands of viewers per stream, it wasn’t long before KSI’s phone started ringing.

In the screenshots posted in response to KSI, you can actually see his phone number, crystal clear. Below is the photo in question, but we’ve removed the influencer’s number because he probably doesn’t need unwanted calls anymore.


IShowSpeed ​​probably didn’t even realize it was showing the KSI number on the screen.

However, to perhaps add salt to the wound, Speed ​​responded to KSI’s tweet, quickly bringing the creator back in pain already.

We can’t be sure when KSI got a new phone number, but it’s impossible that it didn’t. There are simply too many people logging into IShowSpeed, and as everyone knows, as soon as your number leaks online, it’s game over.

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