“It was -10° in the air, but almost 40° in the water”: the best photo taken on the phone by Magali Chesnel | Photography

IIt wasn’t until Magali Chesnel boarded her flight back to Geneva that she realized why the people she had seen swimming earlier in the day were carrying bin bags on their heads. After a week of solo travel in southern Iceland, the French photographer spent the morning at the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, a short drive from the airport. Back home, she realized that her hair had become coarse and brittle from the silica in the pools. “If you ever visit, use conditioner! Or a trash bag!” she warns.

While she expected the photos she took of sunbathers carrying bags to be her favorite, this one actually turned out to be the best. The six Icelandic teenagers were laughing, chatting and drinking slushies frozen in 38°C water in a scene that later reminded him of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. “I studied art when I was younger. I like my photos to have an element of confusion; are they a photograph or a painting? Chesnel said.

She was traveling with her Nikon D500 but, worried about damaging it in the water, she wrapped her iPhone in plastic instead. She then made small edits to the image using the Snapseed app. “It was -10C in the air, but almost 40C in the water, and it was foggy, so all I had to do was adjust the light and brightness a bit.”

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