Kaiserslautern Cell phone blocked, police officer bitten, no valid ID

A lost cell phone sparked a series of investigations at the end of last week.

according to police A man in the metro area first called Thursday night and said he missed his cell phone. Presumably, he lost it. And when he tried to locate the device himself, he showed a “knock” at a suburban address. Maybe someone found the cell phone and brought it home.

A patrol went to the address indicated and rang the bell. There were several men in the apartment. Two fled in plain sight of the police. However, it can be found and examined a bit later. The two men – like the other people in the apartment – were unable to produce any valid identity documents; Nothing was reported in the title.

The owner of the apartment was informed and arrived at the site, but appeared police towards anything but cooperative. As her cell phone was about to be confiscated for further investigation, the woman refused to give it up and eventually bit one of the police officers in the hand. The injury had to be treated in hospital.

The woman is accused of refusing the discovery and due to chaos forensic designer. In addition, a preliminary investigation was opened on suspicions of illegal stay, among other things. The investigation is ongoing.

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