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LETTER: Langley driver prefers four-way stops over roundabouts

The construction of a new roundabout in the community has sparked heated debate

Dear Editor,

Regarding: [Roundabout failure captured on viral TikTok, Langley Advance Times, March 24]

Thanks for all the advice on roundabouts, which is great if you’re in Europe, where vehicles are all smaller and trucks are only allowed on designated routes, no roundabouts, to avoid accidents and angry drivers.

It looks like you’ve had your share of bad experiences, my suggestion is a four way stop sign.

To stop means to stop, not to slow down or give in.

The system has worked for years, without spending ridiculous taxpayer dollars on job-creating projects (like bike lanes) that only benefit certain sectors, instead of aggravating motorists.

Potesta Catfish, Brookswood


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