Latest Russian-Ukrainian War: Atrocities by Russian Troops Complicate Peace Negotiations, Says Zelenskiy | world news

Russian state media dismissed gruesome images and testimonies that emerged from Bucha as Western-orchestrated ‘fakes’ and ‘planned provocations’, saying ‘Ukrainian Nazis’ are responsible for civilian deaths .

“A provocation of blatant brutality by the Ukrainian Nazis,” Olga Skabeeva, host of the highly watched state media talk show 60 Minutes, said on Monday.

“Zelenskiy and the so-called civilized West are trying to create a hybrid, fake version of Srebrenica.”

Vladimir Solovyov, the popular public presenter who is under Western sanctions, said on his Sunday night talk show that the killings were planned by Britain.

“The war against Russia today entered a new phase. Very soon they will accuse us of genocide. Apparently, this whole provocation was plotted by the British,” Soloviev said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday that “video material is generally unreliable, because [of] signs of video manipulation and some forgeries”.

Some Russian officials as well as state-linked Telegram channels said the civilians killed in Bucha were actors.

“The video with the bodies is confusing: here, at the 12th second, the ‘corpse’ on the right moves his hand. At the 30th second in the rearview mirror, the “corpse” sits down. The bodies in the video appear to have been deliberately arranged to create a more dramatic image,” government channel Stop Fake Telegram said.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s official Twitter account retweeted Stop Fake’s Telegram message.

Russian state media also accused the Western press, including the Guardian, of uncritically reporting the events.

“The Guardian claims Russian troops brutalized civilians in Bucha as they regroup, using children as human shields – without evidence, taking the words at face value,” an NTV presenter said on Sunday evening.

While Russian state media has categorically denied any connection to the atrocities, the main RIA news agency on Monday published an op-ed titled “What Russia Should Do About Ukraine” by a pro-Kremlin political commentator in which the author called for the “denazification” and “re-education” of a large part of Ukrainian society.

“The name Ukraine apparently cannot be retained as the title of any fully denazified state formation in the territory liberated from the Nazi regime,” wrote expert Timofei Sergeitsev.

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