Unique insights

Congratulations on publishing three letters that offer unique insights into the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a law that directly affects only 50% of the population.

Janet Hill’s letter in particular resonated with me in terms of so-called “pro-life” people who insist that abortions kill babies. Her “story” about a friend’s third miscarriage, i.e. spontaneous abortion, during her first trimester describes an arranged burial that did not take place. What happened instead is what typically happens when a fetus is expelled in a dresser: it is flushed or collected in a container for a medical professional to examine.

Of all the women I know who have had spontaneous abortions, none have had the fetus baptized or buried, even devout Catholic mothers. How many do you know that have “pro-life” people?


small stone

Made the nation dangerous

I have hunted all my life and hold a lifetime sport license which allows me to hunt in Arkansas. I hunt for food and to keep animals away from my cows and horses, all with single shot rifles/rifles/bows.

Mass shooting after mass shooting faces all of the United States. Our police officers are basically dressed as if they were fighting in Afghanistan. In my opinion, our Republican Party is responsible for these deaths. Our governor, Asa, knows that people will be angry and/or suffer from mental illness. The ease of getting a gun in this country is the cause of these shootings. In addition to accepting NRA dollars, he increased the manufacture of firearms and ammunition in Arkansas. Search online for Sig Sauer, a company Asa brought to Arkansas, and see the first weapon (a military rifle plus 30-round magazines) to appear. Tom Cotton received $1.9 million in direct and indirect support from the NRA, and all Arkansas congressmen received money.

As an ex-paediatrician/doctor, I unfortunately had to see/take care of many children unable to survive their illness/accidents/abuse. I tried to console their parents as best I could, and to this day those memories are still with me. Imagine what the 4th of July will mean for the residents of Highland Park, Illinois, for the rest of their lives.

This is just one of the many ways your party is making the United States unsafe for our children and grandchildren. Sarcastically, thank you, Republican Party and the NRA!



Back to taxpayers

The governor appears to be a little confused about what to do with the state’s $1.6 billion general revenue surplus. I have an idea: Send it back to hard-working taxpayers across the state. Prorate a tax refund based on the taxes paid. This would provide a small inflation hedge that affects everyone.



Better quality of life

As nice as it sounds to have a budget surplus, especially a staggering projected surplus of $1.6 billion, I have to ask: how, why? Obviously, there are many reasons, but I hope Governor Asa Hutchinson and the General Assembly will take into account the fact that many projects and programs have been cut, reduced or eliminated in recent years. One of the reasons our students face such a financial burden to pay for college and university expenses is the increase in tuition fees to compensate for declining multi-year funding from the state to teaching. superior. It is no longer the case that a person can work a summer job and save for tuition for the coming year. Plus, people are working two minimum wage jobs and still struggle to have a roof over their heads.

Until we can review today’s results of existing programs, ensure that safe housing is available, food insecurities are addressed and eliminated, and affordable and safe child care is available for parents to work, so I don’t think we should start spending that windfall or eliminate any taxes. A healthy and educated population, including our youngest and most vulnerable, should be the primary goal of government. Improving the quality of life benefits everyone.



View Gun Results

I tried to figure out why no one really seems to care about the dozens of people murdered in this country by assault weapons. Is it finally time to post a photo of one of the mutilated bodies of a dead child?

Considering the horrific amount of damage an AR-15 wreaks, it wouldn’t be hard to find a photo of a totally unrecognizable child, sparing the grieving family any further trauma. Like the Uvalde family who could only identify their child by the sneakers she was wearing.

Maybe if we could experience the horror of a photo, we could finally decide that a child’s life is just a little more important than the private possession of a weapon of war.


Hot Springs Village

Sad day in America

As the world looks back at America with so many murders, it’s another sad day in America. Two parents will not be there to see their child grow up, and why? A young person with mental illness should not be swept under the rug. As long as there are drugs and guns on the streets of America, no one is safe. A motherless child sees a difficult time.



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