Look Up and Live App Provides Power Line Safety Tips to Sugar Cane Farmers | North Queensland Registry

Ergon Energy has designed a new mobile application that aims to reduce the likelihood of incidents and injuries at high risk work sites, especially for sugarcane producers across the state.

Following 146 agricultural accidents involving contact with overhead power lines over the past year, Ergon encourages machine operators to use the free Look Up and Live app, which locates the location of 1.7 million poles and 178,000 kilometers of overhead power lines.

Community Safety Officer Aaron Smith said that while people understand that power lines are dangerous, they don’t always take them into account when making their risk assessments.

The Look Up and Live app is a simple and vital tool that will help you determine the control measures necessary to protect you and your friends on the spot, from security watchers to physical barriers or at the request of an outage. planned current, ”he said.

The app can be tailored by users to receive site specific information for their workplace, with the ability to order power line markers and safety information for those locations.

A utility pole was damaged in an incident involving a grounding in Burdekin over the weekend.

“Part of what we do with the agriculture industry is to encourage farmers to take a step back and use the app to accurately identify where all power lines are on their properties, verify their heights and contact us to get advice if they have questions, ”Smith says.

“One incident or injury is one too many and we work with high risk industries to keep everyone safe around power lines through careful planning. “

Ergon hopes to see greater adoption in the agriculture, construction, aviation and transportation sectors, with the app becoming a significant addition to the security toolkit.

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