“Look up”: Blue Angels dazzle spectators as Fleet Week Air Show returns to San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The Fleet Week air show, including these incredible Navy Blue Angels, returned to the Bay Area this weekend.

The legendary air show was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. This year, massive crowds are converging on San Francisco and waterfront businesses are saying things are finally getting better, literally.

The stars of Fleet Week Air Show 2021 did not need to be introduced. The incredible Blue Angels roared over San Francisco. The crowd of spectators looked up in amazement.

“Look, they’re pretty awesome, since watching them from the playing field it’s great to see them again,” said Lamar Fuller of San Francisco.

Lamar was at the forefront of an evening vigil at the Aquarium of the Bay.

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Acrobatic planes opened the show, as well as the Navy parachute team. A United Airlines 777 jumbo jet stormed the bay.

“Oh my God, my heart is beating for San Francisco now,” said Mario Gonzalez, visiting from Montreal, Quebec.

Another hard thing to miss was everyone. Thousands of people were expected in San Francisco this weekend. The crowd size seemed downright pre-pandemic.

“It makes me a little nervous with the number of people here, but after that I’m sure a lot of people get vaccinated, it’s nice to see everyone out there,” Nico Dennis from San Francisco.

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This weekend has been a huge one for the Bay Cruise Company. Hornblower’s San Francisco Belle sold 1,000 tickets for the airshow lunch and night before. Last year there was no cruise or air show.

“It’s exciting, we are recovering from the pandemic, back to business and back on the water,” said Brian Stiles, Hornblower crew member.

The blue angels gave us a major finale. A jet-powered journey on the road back to normal. The last day of the air show is Sunday.

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