Netflix’s real phone number in Squid game will be removed

Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun looks at Squid Game's business card.

It’s a real phone number you’re looking at, Lee Jung-jae.
Screenshot: Netflix

In Squid game, participants receive a business card. On one side are PlayStation type icons and on the other is a phone number to call. The number, however, is real.

When phone numbers appear in Hollywood movies, they usually begin with “555”, which is a bogus phone prefix. The reason this fake number is used is that people will call.

The creators of Squid game I thought the number on the show was safe because Koreaboo explains, the first three digits of the number have been deleted. However, since the last eight digits were provided, it was possible to call the number as a local call and the number would automatically connect without the first three digits. That is to say, if this same number really existed.

It does. The owner has received thousands of phone calls since the show began on September 17.

“After Squid game broadcast, I get endless calls and texts 24/7 to the point that it is difficult for me to continue with my daily life, ”said the real owner of the phone number. Money today Going through Koreaboo. “It’s a number I’ve been using for over ten years so I’m quite surprised. There are over 4000 numbers that I have had to delete from my phone (viewers) and it is to the point that due to people reaching out without a sense of day and night due to their curiosity, the my phone’s battery is exhausted and turns off. At first I didn’t know why, but my friend told me my number was out in Squid game and that’s where I realized.

Koreaboo Explains that there could be privacy breaches and legal ramifications for Netflix.

The owner of the phone number said it was impossible to live a normal life with the incessant phone calls, with people ringing the bell to say they wanted to join the game. She told local South Korean media that she did not couldn’t change her number because she was using it for work to contact clients. According to Reuters, the owner declined an offer of one million won ($ 842) in compensation. Since then, he has apparently been offered five million won ($ 4,178).

According to Korea’s time, another person with a number that is only one digit different from the show’s also received a flurry of calls, saying, “The stress of the incessant prank calls is driving me crazy.”

Netflix Korea has announced that it will change the show’s phone number and is asking viewers not to call the current number. “Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this issue, including editing scenes showing the phone number if necessary,” Netflix Korea said.

Korea’s time reports that Netflix Korea has not commented on the compensation status of the real owner of the phone number.

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