New area code 835 coming to the Philadelphia area

Southeast Pennsylvania, get ready for another new telephone code: 835.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission on Wednesday approved the new area code, which will serve the same geographic area currently served by area codes 610 and 484.

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), a neutral third-party entity that allocates telephone numbering resources, has asked the PUC to approve a new overlay area code, as all numbers in area codes 610 and 484 are expected to be exhausted by the start of the year. 2023. The PUC approved the request by a 3-0 vote.

The 610/484 calling area serves residents and businesses in Lehigh, Berks, Delaware, Chester and Northampton counties, as well as part of Montgomery County.

As part of the implementation plan approved by the PUC, no new 835 numbers will be assigned until the remaining 610/484 numbers are completely exhausted. At that time, new phone number assignments will be made in area code 835.

The creation of the new superimposed area code has been done on several occasions in Pennsylvania, including in 2018 when the area code 445 was added to the area code for Philadelphia served by 215 and 267 numbers. Area codes 215/267/445 cover all of Philadelphia and parts of Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery counties.

The new overlay area code 835 will not require any change in dialing behavior, and existing phone numbers will not be affected, said Nils Hagen-Frederiksen, spokesperson for PUC.

The addition of a new overlay should be much less disruptive than previous expansions of the area code system, such as when area code 215 was split in 1994 to create area code 610. This change required many residents and businesses to change their telephone number, triggering a certain decline.

Only five years after the creation of the 610 area code, the overlay area code 484 was created in the 610

The last time Pennsylvania split an existing area code, 717, was in 1998, when area code 570 was created in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The North American numbering plan was developed by AT&T in 1947 to simplify and facilitate direct dialing of long distance calls. New area codes are periodically added with the rapid expansion of telecommunications, including the addition of cell phones, data lines and fax lines.

The 610 NPA serves the counties of

Lehigh, Berks, Delaware, Chester, Northampton and part of Montgomery County.

Due to the substantial growth in the region, the 610 NPA needed additional relief and in 1999

the 484 NPA was introduced as an overlay on the 610 NPA.

new postcode on the same

geographical area covered by the existing 484/610 NPA and should last

about 58 years old.

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