New phone number extension starting in Saskatchewan –

Saskatchewan is adding a new extension for province phone numbers, which is the first three digits of each phone number since the province switched to a ten-number dialing system in 2012.

The new extension 474 will join the numbers 306 and 639 being the first telephone numbers in Saskatchewan.

Although officially the number 474 began to be used on October 2, the rollout has been slower as only new phone numbers will have the extension.

Sasktel’s Director of External Communications, Lindsay Mazenc, details some of the processes behind the extension.

“It is the administrator of the Canadian numbers who informs the CRTC that, based on their forecasts, a province will run out of area codes,” Mazenc said. short of 306 and 639 area codes.

“So once that process begins, the CRTC issues a notice that a new area code will come into effect and that’s what gets us to where we are today.”

The previous new area code, 639, was introduced in 2012.

Mazenc says that since Saskatchewan has already undergone this change, the introduction of the new number will go smoothly.

“It’ll be pretty much another number. You know we’ve done it before, you know it’s the third area code,” Mazenc said, “All the major changes would have happened in 2012 when we had to update this new area code and that’s also when we introduced ten digit dialing so everyone is used to dialing those ten digits now. “

Sasktel also predicts that the majority of new numbers that have the 474 will come from providers other than themselves.

Mazenc says you should expect to see some of these new numbers by early 2022.

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