No phone for online lessons, girl gets 1.2 lakh for 12 mangoes | Bombay News

MUMBAI: Tulsi Kumari, an eleven year old girl from Jamshedpur, couldn’t believe it when an “uncle” from Mumbai told her that he had bought her a dozen mangoes for Rs 120,000, each mango for Rs 10,000 .
The “uncle” is Ameya Hete, Managing Director of Valuable Edutainment Pvt Ltd, which facilitates virtual lessons. He deposited Rs 120,000 into the account of his father Srimal Kumar on Wednesday. Hete had heard of Tulsi’s struggle to provide for the family. She sold mangoes by the roadside in Jamshedpur and told a vernacular channel that she wanted to save money on sales to buy a smartphone so that she could study online.
“Yes, I sold mangoes and wanted to save money to buy a phone so that I could resume my studies online. Now I bought a phone and will be attending classes,” Tulsi told the phone. The 5th grader quit attending a public school after the pandemic-induced lockdown forced the school to teach online.
Hete said he was touched by the young girl’s determination to face financial hardship. “She didn’t blame her fate or beg for alms. That’s why I said we bought her mangoes and didn’t do any charity work. It’s not just about it. ‘to encourage and recognize dignity in the workplace, but also to encourage others not to give up the fight, “said Hete.

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