Of the. Sally Hudson 1 of 8 VA House Democrats urging Governor Youngkin to reverse telecommuting policy

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Several Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates are calling on Governor Glenn Youngkin to back down on a new teleworking policy it rolled out earlier this week.

One of those Democrats, 57th District Del. Sally Hudson, said telecommuting has not only been successful during COVID, but has actually been vital since before the pandemic. Now she and several of her colleagues are trying to share that message with the governor.

“They feel like this news is pulling the rug out from under them,” Hudson said in a phone interview with NBC29.

In the two-page letter, an argument against the governor’s telecommuting policy was made. Lawmakers say the proposal, which would require every state employee to work full-time in person unless they have an exemption, will do more harm than good.

Among their reasons: The past two years have proven that remote work can be just as effective and can attract people who may have opportunities in the private sector.

“It just broadens the set of people you can recruit from, and especially in a lot of tech-intensive jobs in communities like ours, that’s a pool of talent that you want to attract,” Hudson said.

When Youngkin announced the policy, he said “creative, innovative and effective solutions for all Virginians happen with regular, in-person interaction” for state employees.

Youngkin’s policy would go into effect after the July 4 holiday.

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