Online Dating Tip: Don’t Use Your Real Phone Number

If you’re lucky enough to get along with someone you meet on a dating app, they’ll probably ask for your phone number. This is a sign that the person you matched with is interested and wants to get to know you by calling or even video chatting. Speaking of which, here are some ways to present your best self in video meetings.

Before giving out your phone number, remember that it can do a lot of damage when it’s in the wrong hands. Someone could use your number to log in to a leaked password or even intercept two-factor authentication codes. This is a significant cybersecurity risk, so you should take extra precautions.

Of course, you can tell the person you’re talking to that you’re not comfortable giving out your number yet. But they might take it the wrong way, thinking you’re suspicious or have something to hide. If someone you meet on a dating app wants to talk on the phone, consider giving them a secondary phone number.

There are many reasons why a burner phone number is so useful.

Getting a second phone number is easy. You can use it for shopping, social media, business and other purposes. But in the tricky world of online dating, it’s valuable.

Here’s why it’s such a good idea. You never know who you are talking to online; people often misrepresent themselves to create false hopes. Meet them in person and they might look totally different from their photos.

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Worse still, they might put on a sweet facade on the phone, only to be mean and cruel in real life. Some matches can be fatal. According to Rolling Stonea 25-year-old man has died after a fatal affair with a cannibal on Grindr.

Of course, there are plenty of regular, well-adjusted adults looking to find love on dating apps. Keep sliding and have hope, but take precautions for your safety. One way to set yourself up for success is to follow our seven steps to online dating success.

Here are three ways to get a second phone number on the same phone. If you’re using it in an online dating context, give the person you’re talking to this phone number when they want to call or text for the first time.

Once you get closer, you can give them your real phone number and explain that you gave the engraver’s number out of caution. They will understand your vigilance if they are right for you. (They might even be impressed with your tech savvy!)

1. Get a free phone number with Google Voice

This free service gives you an additional phone number that you can use as you see fit. It works for phone calls, texts and voicemails – and it works nationwide and internationally. You can use it on your iPhone, Android or even your computer.

You need a Google account to get started. Follow these steps for your second free issue:

  • To download the application to your computer, go to You can also download the app for iOS or android.
  • Next, sign in to your Google account.
  • After reading the terms, proceed to the next step.
  • You will see a list of phone numbers. Select the one you want. (You can search for phone numbers from specific cities or area codes.)
  • Next, verify the number and enter a phone number that you can associate with your Google Voice account.
  • Finally, you will get a six-digit verification code. Enter it and you are set!

If that sounds good to you, here’s another trick to check out. Tap or click here for five ways to get the most out of your new Google Voice account. Of course, if you want another option, here are two more ways to get a free phone number online for texting, calling, and more.

2. Download TextNow on iOS, Android or Windows

You can also use a free app called TextNow, which lets you choose from a list of free phone numbers. You can talk and text with this number, but you cannot make a video call through the app. The developers support each other through ads, so you’ll have to manage banner ads at the bottom of your chats.

You should also consider the possibility that TextNow may make money by selling your information. In the App Store App Privacy sectionthe developers disclose that it may collect the following information:

  • Shopping
  • Contact information
  • User content
  • Location
  • contacts
  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostic

Although TextNow is transparent about what it collects, many apps aren’t so straightforward. Tap or click here for a few apps that have secretly collected data from millions of people. Check the list to see if someone has exposed your private information.

One of the coolest features of TextNow is that you don’t need an active mobile plan to use it. You can sign up with your email address or Facebook account to get a number. You can call or text any number, and your text will look like normal text on their phone.

You can also send text messages and make video calls on your computer. TextNow covers this base as well. Click the link here or below to get a free online phone number to text or call from your laptop or PC.

3. TextPlus is another way to get a burner phone number

With TextPlus, all you need is a username. It’s even less demanding than TextNow, which requires an email address. Like TextNow, it comes with ads, but you only need to spend a few pennies to remove them.

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