Police called to rescue a woman who got stuck upside down in a gymnasium

A woman has been forced to call the police to come and rescue her after she got stuck upside down while working out at a gym in the early hours of the morning.

A video of TikTok user Christine Faulds aka @cfaulds20which has already been viewed over 7 million times, shows what happens when you try to use an inversion table at 3am when no one else is around.

In the viral clip’s text overlay, she wrote, “When you have to call 9-1-1 because you’re stuck on inversion at 3 a.m. at the gym…”

The incident allegedly happened at the 24-hour Powerhouse Gym in Berea, Ohio, where she had set up her phone to record her session, as many health and gym influencers do these days.

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However, her training was soon turned upside down as she found herself stuck and with no one to help her as the few people around were apparently in other rooms.


At least they didn’t send a whole team of firefighters…

In videoshe fidgets and even tries to get out of the situation, but to no avail.

Realizing she was in dire straits, Faulds used her smartwatch to dial 911 and ask for help. In the video, she can be heard telling the dispatcher, “There’s only one person in the gym and I got stuck, you know that backboard thing. I got stuck in that reverse decompression thing.

She adds: “I think the thing went too far and I just got stuck upside down and can’t get up. I’m trying to get my boyfriend’s attention but he’s in the lurch. ‘other piece heaving. I’m sorry, I’m just stuck.”

After 12 minutes of being stuck upside down, officers finally arrived at the gym and were able to free her from the device.

Viewers on TikTok couldn’t help but find the whole thing hilarious. One wrote: “When the Apple Watch saves the day lol my daughter I’m so sorry but can’t stop laughing!”

Another said: ‘It’s only embarrassing if you have to make that call more than once.

A third added: “Apple Watch should use THIS in its advertising.”

Although the ordeal gave Fauld viral fame, she said she “don’t know if I’ll ever get back to that table, to be honest.”

Speaking to Complex, she admitted she can see the fun side of things now: “People say, ‘Why would you post that? So embarrassing,’ but I think sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. and move on.”

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