PoliceFiles – July 28, 2022

Monday July 18

Mental Health/Dog Bite Management: Grand Market Avenue – A woman was called to the 911 Dispatch as suicidal after texting pictures of pills and expressing a desire to kill herself to her husband. During contact at the front door, a dog ran out of the residence and bit a law enforcement deputy from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. The woman was safely placed in mental detention in hospital. The officer was taken to hospital for stitches. The dog was not injured and will survive.

Motor vehicle accident: West County Road 14 – A vehicle was backing out of a parking space when the driver saw another vehicle approaching and stopping. The approaching vehicle continued, driving straight, hitting the rear bumper of the vehicle backing out of a parking space. Minor damage to stopped vehicle. The driver at fault was cited for reckless driving.

tuesday july 19

Scam: 2nd Street – A man received a fraudulent text message saying he had to pay an unknown suspect $6,000 because they had been hired to kill him. The man did not send any money. The name is Bond, James Bond.

Fraud: Wilshire Drive – A woman’s credentials were used in an attempted mortgage scam in Longmont. The investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday July 20

Arrest warrant : Meadowlark Drive – A man was transported by the Longmont Police Department to Burgdorf to be taken into custody by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and incarcerated in the Larimer County Jail.

Burglary/criminal mischief: 2nd Street – A storage unit was broken into by cutting a door lock and items were stolen. A photo of a possible suspect has been provided to deputies and the investigation is continuing.

Maintenance of mental health: East Highway 56 – A man was found at a local business who was half unresponsive in his vehicle after an overdose suicide attempt. The man was taken to hospital and placed on hold for psychiatric care after being treated.

Thursday July 21

Maintenance of mental health: Burgdorf – A minor was attending a summer camp when he attempted to walk away and jump into a moving vehicle after making suicidal statements to staff members. The minor was taken to hospital and taken into custody.

Domestic violence/harassment/obstruction of telephone services: 2nd Street – A woman reported her boyfriend grabbed her and shook her during an argument. When the man found out she had spoken to law enforcement, he turned off his cell phone. A warrant has been issued for the man’s arrest. 2nd biggest lie “he will change once out of prison”. The 1st biggest lie is “I don’t have to write it down, I’ll remember it.” friday july 22

Warrant for felony arrest/resisting arrest/obstructing: Colorado Avenue – A man has been contacted for a felony warrant. The man initially refused to come out, but after conversations with his mother and his deputies, he came to the garage door. The man continued to tell deputies that he would not go to jail. Deputies caught the man as he walked away and tried to get back into the house. The man’s wife then inserted herself into the arrest and began to grab the deputies. The man was taken into safe custody and remanded to the Larimer County Jail on his warrant and new charges of resisting arrest. The wife received a subpoena for obstruction. The man was listed as the most wanted in Larimer County this morning and hours later was arrested by Burgdorf deputies. I’d take 10 most wanted men instead of one angry woman.

Vehicle theft: Art Drive/South Berthoud Parkway – A white/black 2007 Terex TA40 dump truck was stolen from a construction site near this intersection in the past two weeks. The vehicle is valued at $70,000. The investigation is ongoing.

Saturday July 23

Motor vehicle accident: East Highway 56 – A tractor-trailer was turning too tightly out of a company parking lot and struck another tractor-trailer illegally parked in a no-parking zone.

Arrest warrant : West County Road 10E – A man was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant after being contacted at this location while “camped out” for several days because his vehicle had broken down.

Sunday July 24

Escape/attempt to disarm a peace officer/resisting arrest/obstruction/faulty headlights and brake lights/driving with restraint/expired plates displayed: East Highway 56/South County Road 13 – A male driver was arrested for a faulty headlight, expired plates and faulty brake lights. The driver then fled traffic control in his vehicle after initially stopping. A chase was initiated and headed east on Highway 56. The chase was broken off before entering the construction zone at Highway 56 and I-25. The Longmont Police Department and a deputy contacted the driver at his Longmont home. The man admitted to fleeing the traffic control. Once informed that he was under arrest, the man attempted to flee on foot but was soon handcuffed. The man attempted to flee on foot a second time. The male was placed on the ground until he calmed down. The man said he would cooperate, but then said he wouldn’t go to jail and used a patrol car to kick back with his feet and began resisting arrest a third time. The man then attempted to remove an MP’s taser from his duty belt, then grabbed a pistol magazine and threw it before being placed on the ground a second time and restrained. The man was taken to hospital for medical clearance before being transported to Larimer County Jail and booked. The cops have it easy, no one ever says!

Violation of a protection order: 2nd Street – A woman was arrested after violating a protective order by contacting a child victim who does not live at this address.

Detox maintenance: Berthoud Peak Drive – A woman has been placed on hold in hospital for alcohol detox and for an assessment of her mental health.

Criminal Mischief: Rivergate Way – A building site was vandalized during the evening and the wire was cut on four new homes being built. Security footage may have captured suspects, investigation is ongoing.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://leta911.org and sign up to receive emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only landlines. Burgdorf has the lowest number of records in Larimer County.

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