Proposed five-year extension for regulatory protection of telephone number portability

The Trade Commission proposes to extend regulatory protections for phone number portability for another five years.

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Telecommunications Commissioner Tristan Gilbertson said number portability is key to competition because it makes it easier for consumers to keep their mobile or landline number when switching providers.

“Thousands of people transfer their numbers between providers every week, which shows how important the ongoing regulation of number portability is to consumers,” said Gilbertson.

The Tech Users Association (TUANZ) said it “absolutely” supports the commission’s point of view.

“Many of us remember the angst and effort it took when, as an individual or business, you had to change numbers when you moved to another provider,” said Craig Young, Managing Director of TUANZ.

“TUANZ was a strong supporter of its introduction and we have seen the positive impact it has on users.”

Gilbertson said the proposal was essentially unchanged from current regulatory parameters, with the exception of a suggested change to help facilitate the prevention of number porting fraud that builds on work currently underway by the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum industry body.

“Number forwarding fraud is a relatively new development in New Zealand but has already proven to be of significant harm to consumers,” he said.

“This happens when a scammer requests that another person’s phone number be replaced with a SIM card they control, which can then help them gain access to the victim’s bank accounts and others. important information.

The commission was seeking comments on its proposal by October 26, with cross-submissions by November 5.

The current settings expired on December 19, with the new determination taking effect on December 20.

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