Recent murders that call into question the price of a life

Fuel prices have skyrocketed in the country but the price of a life has come down to as low as Rs 10. On June 5, four men in Delhi killed a miner after he refused to give them money to buy a cigarette in the Anand Parbat area of ​​central Delhi. In Lucknow, a 16-year-old boy shot his mother for not letting him play mobile games.

Here are details of recent cases of murder for minor issues:

Four minor murders for refusing to give Rs 10 for a cigarette in Delhi

Four men reportedly got into a fight with a miner after he refused to give them Rs 10 for buying a cigarette in the Anand Parbat area of ​​central Delhi. The deceased was identified as Vijay, a resident of Anand Parbat, police said.

On June 6, police found the minor’s body lying on the side of the road with a stab wound to his upper abdomen near Ramjas School, Anand Parbat, a senior police officer said.

During questioning, the defendants revealed to police that on Sunday they had an argument with the deceased over a cigarette. Sonu, who lives in the same neighborhood as the deceased, asked him to give Rs 10 for the purchase of a cigarette. Upon refusal, the fight began, resulting in the stabbing of the victim by Sonu, a tailor, and his accomplices, police said. Praveen worked in a factory as a labourer, while Ajay drove commercial vehicles and Jatin was a salesman in a shoe store, police added.

The defendants were identified as Praveen (20), Ajay (23) and Jatin (24), all residents of Baba Faridpuri, and Sonu Kumar (20), a resident of Anand Parbat, police said .

Lucknow teenager kills his mom for not letting him play PUBG

A 16-year-old boy shot his mother for not letting him play PUBG, a mobile video game. The boy later locked his 10-year-old sister in a room and sat with his mother’s corpse in his house in the IGP area of ​​the Aldico settlement in Lucknow for the next three days.

When the mother’s body began to decompose and stink, the boy fabricated a fake story and informed the police. However, the police discovered the truth within two and a half hours of investigation and questioning.

The boy lived with his 40-year-old mother, Sadhna, and his 10-year-old sister. Her father is an army officer stationed in Kolkata. On June 5, when the mother stopped the 16-year-old from playing mobile games, he got angry. In no time, he picked up his father’s licensed gun and shot her in the head, leaving her dead instantly. He left the gun on the bed and locked his younger sister in another room.

Police said the boy had lived with the mother’s body in the house for three days.

Maharashtra man kills his wife after ‘doubting’ her character

A man here in Maharashtra allegedly killed his wife of 50 years after becoming suspicious of her character, police said on June 5. The victim was found dead on Sunday morning in his house which was locked from the outside in Rahul Nagar district of the city of Aurangabad. .

The woman’s husband doubted her character and allegedly hit her on the head with a heavy utensil. The man then locked the house from the outside and fled, a Satara police station official told PTI.

In the morning, when the woman’s daughter came home to accompany her to work, she found the house locked. The woman was also not found at her workplace. The victim’s daughter called a relative, who then broke the lock on the house and found the woman dead inside, the official said.

Four detained for killing a man for stealing a cellphone

Four people were arrested in Kalwa in Thane district on June 2 for allegedly killing a man and dumping his body in a nearby thicket, a police official said.

The victim was identified based on a tattoo on his body and an investigation focused on Abid Isfaque Shaikh, Sohel Latif Shaikh, Allauddin Shaikh and Sarfaroz Ansari, all between the ages of 19 and 25, who beat him part of a cell phone theft, he said.

Man detained for killing 18-year-old neighbor over petty quarrel

A man allegedly killed his 18-year-old neighbor following an argument over a minor issue in Mumbai’s Juhu district, police said on June 2. Police arrested Shekhar Nair (55) for brutally stabbing his neighbor Suraj Kanojiya to death in Nehru. Nagar locality of Juhu on Wednesday night, an official said.

Kanojiya and another local boy were playing with a dog outside the defendant’s house when the defendant scolded them and asked them to leave, he said. Kanojiya’s mother, Laxmi, later arrived at the scene and started arguing with Nair, after which he attacked her, the official said.

When Kanojiya intervened to protect his mother, the defendant stabbed him repeatedly with a sharp weapon, killing him instantly, he said. Nair fled the scene and was later arrested with the help of the Mumbai Police Criminal Branch, the official said. Nair was employed as a driver, while the victim was a school dropout, he said, adding that a murder case has been registered in this regard.

Thief killed in dispute over division of stolen loot

A 22-year-old man was killed by his accomplice in a robbery during a dispute over the sharing of stolen loot in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra on June 1, police said.

The incident took place in the Dhruvanagar district of the city around 9.30am when a gang of thieves gathered to share the stolen bounty, an official said. Pavan Nathu Pagare (22) was allegedly killed by one of the gang member Atul Ajay Singh (21) during an argument, he said. Singh attacked the victim with a sharp weapon and hit him in the head with a rock, the official said.

As the victim died of his injuries, personnel from a police patrol team chased and grabbed the accused, he said. The gang of four robbers used to commit petty thefts in and around Satpur, he said, adding that further investigation was ongoing.

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