Reports of Fraudulent Messages Continue to Rise, Midwest Residents Warned to Be Careful | West Central Daily

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As reports of scam messages and emails continue to rise, Midwest resident Tanya Sinclair wants to urge people to be suspicious when they receive an unusual message. Ms Sinclair noticed a significant increase in the number of fraudulent messages she was receiving at the end of January. Although she blocked the numbers and reported the messages to Scamwatch, they keep coming. “I can’t believe people take such low steps to scam someone,” she said. “These people are terrible…they are exploiting the situation.” Ms Sinclair said that while most people are aware of scam messages, some vulnerable members of the community may still fall victim to them. Meanwhile, the New South Wales government has issued a warning for flood victims to beware of flood recovery scams. Fair Trade Minister Eleni Petinos said previous natural disasters had seen rogue con artists set up fake charities or rip off flood victims through dodgy repair work. “The behavior of these fraudsters who seek to profit from the grief of others is reprehensible and we must do everything we can to ensure that they are caught and face the full force of the law,” Ms Petinos said. “NSW Fair Trading plans to have investigators and inspectors on the ground in flood-affected areas to ensure residents are protected.” If those looking to donate want their money to go to someone or a legitimate organisation, they should go to the Service NSW website and check that it has a charitable fundraising licence.” you can continue to access our trusted content: TELL ME Send a letter to the publisher using the form below:


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