Ron DeSantis Says Defiant School Boards Just Want CNN “Fanfare”

Govt. Ron DeSantis continued to poke fun at school boards for the pro-mask mandate, saying they preferred CNN’s spotlight to the rule of law.

“I mean, look. There is no doubt about it. If you’re following the law in Florida as a school board, you’re not a guest on CNN, ”DeSantis said Saturday. “We know that, okay. If you break the law, you’ll get on CNN. You are going to be able to get fanfare from some neighborhoods. So we understand that.

The CNN / school board explosion is nothing new, but it’s an interesting bet from someone who owes their political rise and current position in large part to Fox News’ prime-time and heavy-hitting broadcasts. “Fanfare” they provide.

A tan appearance days beforeDeSantis blasted the critics, saying, “If you tell about me, you’re on CNN.” Obviously he intended to hold that line up with a Saturday morning pickup.

These neighborhoods include the Joe biden The White House, which has pledged to support school boards that defend themselves from Tallahassee and impose mask rules at local discretion.

“You have politicians doing that, they’re obviously aligned with certain political interests, they violate state law,” DeSantis said, before defending the mask warrant ban in the context of the Bill of Rights. Parents passed in 2021, legislation that partially allows opting out of school district health measures.

“I just think the parent really has to be the one making the decision. And I think that’s the best way to do it, ”DeSantis said. “Fortunately, most places in Florida are law-abiding. Others don’t. Some people have their own things.

“And notice. No one is saying that Parents Who Want Children (SIC) should be banned. You can make this decision for yourself. And I think that’s the best way to do it, ”added DeSantis. “When you start pushing, uh, and breaking the law, that’s where we end up having, I think, a lot of, uh, uh, a lot of division and all that.”

“So I would just say you trust the parents. Let them make the decision. And ultimately, it will be the right thing to do for the future. “

The governor, in Lakeland to open a monoclonal antibody treatment site, was responding to a question from a reporter about school boards flouting his administration’s bans on school mask requirements.

It hit a number of points throughout an extended response, including a number that had already been road tested.

DeSantis harassed then-vice president Biden for not asking for masks during the H1N1 outbreak, recycle pattern previously repeated at Fort Walton Beach.

Lines on masks, “lockdowns,” “15 days to slow the spread” and a philosophical desire to “pick people up, not shoot them” were also familiar to those following the governor’s media appearances.

The tragedy comes as the state threatened to stop paying members of the Broward and Alachua school boards.

The Florida Department of Education plans to suspend “compensation for school board members who voted to impose illegal mask warrants until each district demonstrates compliance,” a statement said.

Biden, meanwhile, said members could be paid with dollars from the US Rescue Fund.

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