Salman Khan uses three-year-old mobile, doesn’t care about having the fastest internet or the latest TV, reveals Aayush Sharma

Actor Aayush Sharma has spoken of the “simplicity” with which his brother-in-law Salman Khan lives his life and said that Salman is content with homemade food and an old cell phone. Aayush co-starred with Salman in the recently released Antim: The Final Truth, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.

In an interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan, Aayush was asked if anything Mahesh said about Salman – that the actor can sleep on a couch, without an air conditioner and with just a fan over his head – is true. Aayush said it absolutely was.

“I wouldn’t lie to say that I’m as simple as him. Salman bhai’s way of life, his house, is extremely simple. If you ask him which phone he uses, he’ll likely show you a two or three year old model. He’s just not interested in phones, cars, clothes. He doesn’t care about installing the latest TV at home or having the fastest internet. I think he’s only interested in movies; if you leave him alone for a few hours, he’ll probably spend them watching a movie, ”Aayush said in Hindi.

He added, “If you look at his gym, even that is very basic. In fact, we have to force him to buy new cars. He does not care. Sometimes he sleeps on the floor. He doesn’t care about fancy food; all he wants are basic home-cooked meals.

Antim is a remake of the Marathi movie Mulshi Pattern and makes about Rs 4.5 crore on the first day of its release. Aayush made his acting debut with Loveyatri, produced by Salman, in 2018. He is married to Salman’s sister, Arpita Khan.

Salman is currently filming the third installment of the Tiger franchise and is reportedly reprising his role in the series in Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film. Although Pathan has yet to be officially announced, it is said that he will be part of a shared universe of spy films produced by YRF.

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