Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe in “Lost City”

How did Brad Pitt get involved in “The Lost City”?

STATUM Brad is in this movie?


I know it’s an uncredited role, but he’s in the teaser.

BEEF Oh, absolutely. We’re abusing the number of seconds we’re allowed to use in the trailer because his contract was exactly the same as my contract for “Bullet Train.” Brad and I have done each other favors over the years. Janine Thompson, who does my hair, also does Brad, and he got her on the phone and said, “Can Sandy come do ‘Bullet Train’?” When we saw this role, we were like, “Okay, Janine, talk to Brad. You’re right next to his head right now – lean into his ear and say, “You do “Lost City”.“And he did.

It feels like he’s parodying his first character as a long-haired hunk.

BEEF He came in and I said to him, “What happened to your body? He’s like, “I pumped up for the role.” I said to myself: “For this role? The one where you’re here for three and a half days? He even gave us an extra day. I had to walk into the trailer and say, “Mr. Pitt, I know you only contractually gave us three days, but do you mind? »

Channing, how long until you shoot the third movie “Magic Mike”?

STATUM I’m leaving for London tomorrow, and it’s going to be pretty crazy. We’re kind of swinging for the fences – there’ll never be a need for another strip movie after this one. We’re trying to do a fish out of water story where it’s a role-reversed “Pretty Woman” story that ends with a lot of dancing.

Daniel, you do a film about pop parodist Weird Al Yankovic. How’s it going?

RADCLIFFE I couldn’t be more excited for people to see it. I did a stunt the other day and Al walked up to me afterwards and said, “Is that the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do?” I was like, “That’s the top two, with the only other being Paul Dano ride me like a Jet Ski at the beginning of “Swiss Army Man”.

STATUM I love that he’s there on set.

RADCLIFFE Oh yes, he is there every day. And I’m happy to report that he’s the nicest man.

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