Space Force: Chan and Ali’s romance is scary and toxic

Netflix’s Space Force introduced a season 2 romance that wasn’t cute – it was disturbing and turned a main character into a stalker.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Space Force Season 2, now available on Netflix.

Amidst all the political controversy and drama, one of the most endearing aspects of space force The first season was how Engineer Chan and Captain Angela Ali struck up an apparent romance. Their couple was a breath of fresh air from the shenanigans involving the rest of General Naird’s team, but sadly, the first images from season 2 of the Netflix series have revealed that they weren’t a serious couple.

The second season confirmed that Angela was only interested in hooking up with Chan to ease the stress. Chan had genuine romantic feelings for her and wanted to be something more than a friend with benefits, but while his intentions were cute, the way he pursued her was very toxic and uncomfortable.

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Tony tried to introduce Chan to Angela in Space Force

Angela made it clear to Chan that she wasn’t looking for anything serious. But Chan couldn’t take no for an answer, growing jealous and obsessive. He kept pushing — even using Space Force media rep Tony to give Angela a presentation on why he was a boyfriend. In the midst of this, Tony and Chan discovered that Angela had been traumatized by the Season 1 mission to the moon which saw America and China share a station and a capsule to return home. But Chan selfishly focused on pursuing her rather than taking the time to listen to her issues and understand why she couldn’t commit to a relationship. Even when she was slumping on TV, he was as ego-driven as Leonardo DiCaprio’s insufferable Dr. Mindy. Don’t look up.

Even Tony told Chan about his behavior, and if someone as superficial as Tony could see the problem, there was no reason why Chan hadn’t taken his blinders off. Even scarier, Chan also had his employees use company time to develop algorithms to woo Angela – which led to a robotics contest where he went after Angela in front of everyone. spreading dirty laundry. Angela understandably lost her temper, using her robot to kill hers to reinforce that she needed some time apart. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Chan; she just needed to work on herself and not have him accuse her of having feelings for someone else.

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Chan and Angela try to work their bond in Space Force

All along space force Season 2, Chan came out as a relentless stalker, which explained why Angela wanted to leave and return to flying helicopters in Hawaii. Even that didn’t make Chan realize that he needed to be given space; he remade the situation around him, to the point that he also considered an outside job offer from SpaceX. He got about as unlikable as Shaina on Netflix Love is blind. Thankfully, the Season 2 finale “The Hack” included a scene where Chan and Angela were stuck in an elevator talking about their troubles, leaving viewers hoping he finally had a clue and that their romance could possibly be rebuilt.

But with an asteroid on the way that could destroy the entire Earth, the two characters have more to worry about than if they loved each other. The finale also showed Angela’s promotion to Major, which will give her additional responsibilities. Chan needs to stay focused on his mentor Mallory and not waste time when so many lives are at stake. And of course Netflix needs to renew the show for Season 3 first or it could end in an unsolved mystery. , as Don’t look up.

Find out how Chan is obsessed with Angela in Space Force, with both seasons now streaming on Netflix.

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