Stop sharing your real phone numbers with everyone

How many people and businesses have your phone number, if you had to guess? A hundred maybe? Think again.

Want to be shocked? Your cell phone number and landline number (if you still have one) are probably posted online where I found mine – on a people search site that doesn’t cost a dime. Tap or click here for four sites that let you search for phone numbers.

By the way, if you find your phone number on site # 1 on this listing, take these not to delete it.

Your phone number can do a lot of damage in the wrong hands. It’s an easy way for someone to log in with a leaked password or even intercept your two-factor authentication codes. Faucet or click for a more secure way to lock your accounts.

No matter how long you’ve had your phone number, it’s never too late to start being more private with it. Here are a few ways to do it.

A free and easy option from Google

Google Voice is a free service that gives you a phone number that you can use for just about anything. It works for national and international phone calls, SMS and voice messages.

I first created a Google Voice number when I posted a house for rent. When that number called, I knew what it was.

It’s easy to get your own number right on your phone. All you need is a Google Account to get started.

● Download the Google Voice app to ios Where Android.
● Open the app and sign in to your Google account.
● Review the privacy terms and tap Accept or Continue to continue.
● Press Search to choose a phone number from the list. You can search by city or area code.
● Tap Select next to the desired phone number.
● Verify the number and enter a phone number to associate with your Voice account.
● You will get a six-digit code to enter for the next step. Enter it and you’re done.

You can now use your Google Voice number however you want.

You can also use Google Voice to keep your old phone number if you switch to a new one. This step is smart, considering all the accounts and services associated with your number these days. Tap or click here for the steps to get there.

Or try a burning app

A burning app gives you a second phone number using your internet or Wi-Fi data to make and receive calls and texts. You can use it for a short period of time, for example to contact someone who sells an item you want to buy, or to hold it for a long time.

A number burner is great for online dating, shopping, web forms, social media, and more.

The burner is one of the most popular options for ios and Android. You can route calls directly to your secondary number. You can try it for free for 7 days. After that, plans start at $ 4.99 per month for a line or $ 47.99 for a year.

Suffocated for ios and Android allows you to create numbers from anywhere in the world, so you can step outside of your area code or the United States if you want. It is convenient for traveling outside the country or to hide the place where you live. You can access your Hushed number (s) anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.

A prepaid plan starts at $ 1.99 for seven days and includes bundled minutes for local calls and texts. Unlimited calling and texting costs $ 3.99 per month and international service costs $ 4.99 per month.

This secret works in a pinch

There are times when using a real phone number over which you have control is essential. But maybe you just need something to fill out a form when you create an account online.

If in doubt, dial a phone number. Most forms won’t allow you to continue without entering 10 digits, so go ahead with 555-123-4567 or something similar. Remember, if this is an account that will use your number for authentication, or if it is a business that you want to hear about later, use your real number or a burner.

You can always use an alias if the site allows you to sign up and sign up with an email address instead. Press or Click on for the easy way to do it if you are using Gmail. Scroll to # 5.

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