Stranded drivers freed after 24-hour snow-covered ordeal on I-95 in Virginia

“It was just too difficult for us to follow,” she told reporters on Tuesday.

Cars and trucks slowed down, then stopped, going up and down the hills. At least one semi-trailer slid sideways on the road. In places, Ms Parker said, four inches of ice froze under the vehicles.

Corinne Geller, spokesperson for the Virginia State Police Department, said authorities responded to more than 1,000 traffic accidents and more than 1,000 broken down or stranded vehicles statewide. “We don’t think that explains the vehicles on Section 95,” she said.

Ms Parker said a “significant” number of vehicles remained stranded on the freeway. Local news reports and witnesses put the number in the hundreds.

Ms Parker said crews and tow trucks could finish cleaning the highway of ice and vehicles by Tuesday night.

The blizzard trapped truckers, students, families and all commuters, including Tim Kaine, the young U.S. senator from Virginia and former Democratic running mate. His ordeal began around 1 p.m. Monday, as his normal two-hour journey to the Capitol was disrupted by gathering accidents and snow.

“I am extremely tired,” Kaine said in a telephone interview Tuesday afternoon as he arrived in Washington, after spending more than 20 hours stranded in his vehicle. “I must have slept in my car last night on an icy highway with a ton of other cars.”

He said he left his car on for 30 minutes at a time to charge his phone, make calls and warm up, then turned it off to save gas and sleep for about 20 minutes, before switching off. be awakened by the cold. When he wasn’t napping, Mr Kaine said, he spent the time sipping on Dr Pepper, listening to SiriusXM radio and eating small orange wedges that another stranded driver had given him.

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