‘Stranger Things’ Pizza Phone Number Actually Works

fans of stranger things were thrilled to learn that a phone number featured in the show’s final season actually works.

The first part of the Netflix series’ fourth season debuted in late May and featured a scene-stealing character named Argyle. He is played by Eduardo Franco, and the character is introduced as a friend of Jonathan Byers, according to PopSugar.

Notably, Argyle rides around in a van emblazoned with the logo of a company called Surfer Boy Pizza. The distinctive yellow van also has a phone number – 805-45-PIZZA – written on the side.

Fans who called the number — which is numerically 805-457-4992 — quickly realized it was functional and related to the show.

You might get a busy signal when calling. However, if you manage to pass, there is a message recorded by Argyle, according to Totally the bomb. The site noted that it’s not something a fan hasn’t heard before as it is recycled from the show.

However, some fans have reported hearing an audio recording that involves them leaving a voicemail on an answering machine.

Either way, people like detail.

“OHH MY GOD, FINALLY,” enthused one Twitter user. “A TV show actually DID something with the phone number it used.” They urged fans to keep calling in case they received a busy signal.

Check out some tweets below:

It is not the first time stranger things fans were able to engage with innovative content after calling a phone number displayed on screen.

You can also call a number to connect to Project Nina, according to a Twitter user who documented his experience on camera.

Watch the video below:

CNET noted that a number featured in Season 3 also worked.

Unfortunately, sometimes the phone numbers featured in TV shows and movies aren’t always well thought out. This has led to disastrous effects in the past.

For example, the original cut of Tim Allen’s Christmas classic Santa wound up with the phone number of an active sex hotline. Several families are said to have racked up large bills with the line after their children unknowingly called the company.

The scene caused so much drama that it was deleted from later versions of the film.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 premieres in July. The series is set to conclude with a fifth season.

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