Suicide Squad game phone number assumes callers are Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League “leaks” the phone number of the fictional group’s director, Amanda Waller, and she doesn’t like jokes.

The voice of DC character Amanda Waller, as portrayed in Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League, can be heard when an official phone number is called, and she assumes the caller is game co-star Harley Quinn. Before another look at the new Suicide Squad game at DC FanDome, its official social media channels are sparking public interest with new teases. Developer Rocksteady Studios has been relatively silent on the game since its reveal last year, but it looks like more substantial details are underway as its 2022 release year approaches.

New Suicide Squad pictures are expected at the DC FanDome on October 16, and we hope this will be a preview of Kill the Justice League gameplay, which has not yet been shown. The only other glimpse given so far was a cinematic reveal trailer telling the story of the antihero, but there has been no visual proof of how the Suicide Squad the game is playing. Rocksteady hasn’t released a track in six years, and largely only worked on the Batman: Arkham series, so the curiosity to know how Kill the Justice League could deviate from its classic series is in full swing. The new game features iconic DC villains Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang, who have very different personalities and abilities compared to Batman.

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To exaggerate the impending reveal, it looks like Rocksteady and publisher WB Games have launched some sort of ARG. October 12, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League The Twitter account tweeted a phone number without a word. When called – as a Twitter user CabooseEK found out – the fictitious group manager, Amanda Waller, will respond and assume the caller is Harley Quinn, yelling at whoever is on the other line before hanging up. By texting the number, participants are signed up for automatic in-game updates, likely keeping subscribed users up to date with any Suicide Squad DC FanDome game news. Whether or not this is supported in the long term with proprietary information has not yet been confirmed.

There is currently no word on what will be seen from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League at the DC FanDome in 2021. Both Suicide Squad game and Knights of Gotham have been announced as present during today’s events, and it’s possible that new gameplay trailers and / or concrete release dates will be revealed for either. The DC duo are slated for launches in 2022, and WB Games hasn’t hinted at what times of the year they might release since the untimely delay of Knights of Gotham.

The marketing surge leading up to DC FanDome has been slow but sure, with DC sharing a growing number of teases in recent weeks, including new character art for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The game will follow the unlikely villains turned heroes as they battle Superman and (presumably) other members of the Justice League, all of whom appear to be under Brainiac’s control. If this will actually result in the squad Actually killing these beloved superheroes is a mystery, but it certainly makes for an interesting premise.

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC in 2022.

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